Who would watch a thing like that?

September 10, 2008


Blog Guy, you’ve covered just about every possible kind of fashion show. I’m not sure there’s anything new they can explore.

There is always something new. For instance, they just had the first-ever underwater fashion show.

Wow! What’s the advantage of that?

Well, you don’t have to pay the models because, well, you know… All you have to do is have a very big net to skim off the models when they eventually float to the surface before the next batch dives in.

But would anybody really watch very attractive, well-dressed drowning people?

Do I really need to answer that? Anyway, there is plenty more to come. There are plans for fashion shows inside an active volcano, in a lion’s den and in a giant shredding machine. Better make sure your cable bill is all paid up!

Underwater fashion slideshow


Australian celebrities pose during the first ever underwater fashion show in Sydney, September 10, 2008. REUTERS photos by Daniel Munoz.

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Posted by KIM | Report as abusive

Doesn’t Australia also have that underwater ironing?

It does: http://www.diveoz.com.au/aeui/

Extreme Ironing.


Posted by Heather | Report as abusive

This blog sucks!!!! What happened to the regular Oddly Enough format? You need a new job, Blog Guy. Maybe try dishwasher guy, or trash collector guy, or enema guy, anything but Blog Guy.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Enema guy? Gosh, with friends like you, who needs enemas?

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

I miss the old version too… :(

Posted by Some Name | Report as abusive

Yeah, this blog guy is DELETED. Email me when the actual oddly enough news is back on and I’ll add it back onto my RSS.

Posted by Strongbad | Report as abusive

yessir, strongbaddouchebag@suckit.com.
I miss the old format too, but I just couldn’t help myself when I saw that :)

Posted by GeeLou | Report as abusive

I hate to add my comments on the back of the nasty comment that started it all, but i must admit that I really do miss the old format. Whats the deal with this new BlogGuy format?

Posted by Beccs | Report as abusive

Guys, this is the oddly enough blog.

I believe you are referring to the oddly enough news:

I don’t know why Google oddly enough news is now pointing to the blog, but, NBD.

Posted by victor | Report as abusive

First up, I love this blog.I like reading the oddly enough news too :) but the blog is better!

Secondly, poor old Bob Basler must be tearing his hair out with the amount of complaints that hes been patiently answering, thanks to Googles antics..

Blog Guy.. you’re in America.. why dont you sue Google for mental torture 😛

Posted by H | Report as abusive

I don’t think the blog guy sucks, jeez give him a break! Just because you were expecting the news doesn’t mean he isn’t doing a good job. I was expecting the news too, but it’s not his fault. Keep up the good work Robert Basler–don’t listen to these jerks.

Posted by Olivia | Report as abusive

I look forward to reading this blog every day. It helps relieve the stress. Humor is actually a pretty complicated thing, and not everyone appreciates this brand. I know that, but what galls me is how rude some people can be about it.

Somehow, I am reminded of the scene in Sergio Leone’s Fistful of Dollars, where Clint Eastwood’s character suggests that some gunslingers apologize to his mule. One of the gunslingers says: “Hey! You mak’n some kind of a joke?”

I am not the most computer-savvy person, nor am I an astrophysicist, even though I have jokingly told people at cocktail parties that I am one. (They believed me!) But when I first landed on this blog, even I knew that it was not the Oddly Enough news site. And, even I knew that this was a blog and what that meant.

I suppose Blog Guy just approaches all of this with a sense of humor, considers the source, and tries to explain things in as simple a manner as possible to those who have inadvertently landed here.

Posted by RLM | Report as abusive

I do wish I had Oddly Enough on google, but am also glad to get this feed.

Posted by Ann | Report as abusive

OK, Sorry Blog Guy, that was a bit harsh, I was having a rough day.

I won’t be your enema any more 😉

Keep up the good work, I’ll just read the stories from now on. We all know its Googles fault anyway.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

hmmm… watching highly paid, overdressed (or under), skeletons, who just happen to be good looking drown…. interesting concept!

Why does this remind me of a movie I saw recently????

Posted by Maggie | Report as abusive

I suppose an underwater fashion show would be an ideal place to show off a lift bra.

Posted by Theron | Report as abusive

Wow. This is the point where you know we have explored every option of TV and have found nothing else new.

Posted by Daniel Kurz | Report as abusive

I like the old format … if this continues I might not be on this site much…

Posted by P | Report as abusive