Razor-sharp gnashing teeth? What could go wrong?

September 13, 2008

When we go to the multiplex and shell out $85 for a ticket and popcorn, the movie should teach us stuff we can use. Like, that this animatronic Tyrannosaurus in a show premiering this week is a bad idea.

dino-2-0911-200.jpgHaven’t these guys ever seen a movie? Don’t they know that by tonight their top parts will be one place, and their bottom parts someplace else? No, I guess first they have to scoff at warnings, and explain that an animatronic dinosaur could NEVER turn against people.

Right. Even though the name Tyrannosaurus translates to “You sure look juicy to me,” we have to play this tiresome game and keep the lights down low, all the better to see the flashing teeth and grinding jaws.

PLEASE, people! If movies didn’t contain valuable life lessons, it wouldn’t cost so much to see them!

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dino-0911-300.jpgAn animatronic model of a Tyrannosaurus performs during a media call show of the production “Walking with Dinosaurs” in Sydney January 10, 2007. The show premiered this week. REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

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thanks rim

Posted by GeeLou | Report as abusive

So, does an animatronic T-Rex have animatronic testicles? Maybe some hefty truck balls would make him feel more manly? just a thought.

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how interesting my comment was deleted! apparently the moderators will allow comments regarding testicles, though….

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