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September 15, 2008

Dear Blog Guy, President Bush leaves office in January. What does he plan to do? I thought with your contacts, you might know.

village-bush-2-160.jpgThere are lots of wild rumors out there. The most persistent is that there is a slot for Bush in the Village People if he wants it, as the construction worker.

That’s awesome! Wouldn’t that be a first,  for a former president to join a rock group?

No. Don’t forget that President Dwight D. Eisenhower was half of Ike and Tina Turner in their early years.

I can’t picture that.

Nobody could. That’s why Tina found a new Ike, and the rest is music history.

You know, your information is almost always wrong. Why do people read your blog?

Just to feel superior, I guess.

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village-this-combo-300.jpgVillage People: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

President George W. Bush tours the Jackson Barracks in New Orleans, Louisiana, August 20, 2008.    REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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I think he will not be able to make it into the Village People. They, at least, sing, dance and are good at what they do! Oh, and they also are smart enough to wear a good deodorant!

Posted by Miguel | Report as abusive

Hey I have a great idea!! Lets all bash Clinton instead after all he was impeached while he was president! I wonder if he still slipping it to old Monica? humm

Posted by sean | Report as abusive

He could be in the “Monkeys”.
But we all know that a Monkey could have done a better job than he has,……..
He could be in “Staind” because he has truly stained the reputation of the USA with his stupidity,…….
“Los Lobos” because he is now the Wolf of the world stage,….
Believe me,….we’re counting the days until this idiot is done with us,……..

Posted by Olddog | Report as abusive

Hahahahaahah! Wow great blog! Nice job!

I think Sean might appreciate a little political balancing though. Next time maybe you could set up Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin as the Indigo Girls…

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Why so serious, Sean? Maybe because Bush oversaw the largest expansion of the federal government since WWII? Cop a clue, people. SNL is not reality. Our Republic is dying before our very eyes and we’re too entertained to do anything about it.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Anyone who can look at what President Bush has done but still believes the b.s. that the media publishes about Bush being stupid or an idiot just demonstrates their incompetence. Yes – he’s made mistakes, but far less than Clinton ever did, and far less than Obama will make as a completely inexperienced leader should he get elected (God help us with Obama as president). One of the main differences about President Bush’s actions and Clintons’ actions (both Bill and Hillary) is the Clintons continually made decisions based on their own personal gain instead of what was best for our country. They’ve lied, cheated, broke the law in so many ways, and many say they have murdered, too, for their own personal gain. Bush doesn’t come across as polished as Obama or maybe even the Clintons, but from those who have worked closely with President Bush, there is no comparison. If you had to choose between either Clinton, President Bush, or Obama to handle a crisis situation where you were personally involved with your family, who would your choose? Say a plane emergency where it will crash and there aren’t enough parachutes for everyone, or like the Titanic where there weren’t enough life boats for everyone. The difference I see in character between these people is how they would handle these issues. I perceive that Clintons would definitely be one of the first ones off the ship or grab the parachutes and go – in front of women and children. President Bush would be helping as many people get to safety as possible, and more than willing to sacrifice his life if needed (McCain, too, for that matter – although I’m not a big McCain supporter). Obama – well I have no idea what he would do – probably vote present instead of taking action except for himself, and if and when he escaped, he would hold a press conference to make sure people knew that he was involved. I’m sure it would be a very eloquent speech and be quite impressive. The fact is actions speak louder than words if you are intelligent enough to discern the difference. Otherwise you end up being a puppet to the media as Olddog clearly is.

Posted by Kent | Report as abusive

Poor Sean… he actually likes Bush… (hahaha… that just sounded bad). Anyways, as someone said recently “all the good presidents messed around.” (well, don’t literally quote me, I only heard it once.)

I agree with Miguel, he couldn’t be with the Village People, they can dance and sing. I’m not too sure who he could join.. maybe Ozzy when he was biting the heads off of bats… I could see him doing that! ;o)

Posted by Maggie | Report as abusive

….my brain hurts….

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Well, I long for the good old days when the most serious issue was Clinton getting a BJ! Budget SURPLUS, no protracted meaningless war, good economy, etc. I am an independent that has voted for candidates of both parties, the GOP has has an 8 year run in charge and look where we are. They have squandered this time which will set the GOP back at least 20 years and they deserve it, greed, corruption, uncontrolled spending, etc.

Posted by truthseeker | Report as abusive

Kent, you’ve not been paying attention. Bush has murdered thousands of our own in his pet, falsified war. He has totally abused and ignored the constitution and civil rights. Yes, Bill Clinton was impeached – for NOTHING – because the Republicans couldn’t stand someone doing a great job and making them look as stupid as they are.
In your ’emergency’ examples, Bush would be the first one off, pushing down old ladies while Cheney shot people in the face (later saying, “oops”) to cover their escape.
Why Bush has not been impeached, I will never understand.
Unless its that Democrats don’t like to waste money half as much as Republicans do (and did impeaching Clinton for getting a blow-job, seriously people, did you think Kennedy should have been impeached for Marilyn?)

Posted by Bobby | Report as abusive

…mmmmm… Marilyn…..

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Sorry, Bobby, but you’re the one who hasn’t been paying attention. If you think Clinton didn’t cause most of the problems we’re facing now, you’re lying to yourself. Bush has spent 8 years cleaning up the mess Clinton made. On top of that, he has to do Europe’s job FOR it by going into Iraq.

Let’s just hope we get McCain instead of Obama bin Laden.

Posted by Abaddon | Report as abusive

Oh, and Kent, since you obviously need education…
Clinton was impeached for LYING. If he had come out and said, “Yes, I had sex with Monica Lewinsky and that’s that,” it all would have gone away. Leave it to a liberal to lie instead of taking the man’s way out.

Posted by Abaddon | Report as abusive

“Well, I long for the good old days when the most serious issue was Clinton getting a BJ! Budget SURPLUS, no protracted meaningless war, good economy, etc. I am an independent that has voted for candidates of both parties, the GOP has has an 8 year run in charge and look where we are. They have squandered this time which will set the GOP back at least 20 years and they deserve it, greed, corruption, uncontrolled spending, etc.”

Let’s see. Bosnia was a great example of a war the US needed to get involved in.

The recession that Clinton left for Bush to deal with was another.

Clinton’s gutting of the Military and Intellligence communities were other great examples of Clinton’s expertise.

Clinton’s Presidency was a great example of all the money you can save by not doing maintenance on the car. You save a lot of money until you need a new car.

Bush not only had to buy a new car, he had to do a lot of driving.

Yes, Clinton was so VERY wise.

So take your DNC talking posts and go post at Kos or Huffington Post where you belong.

Posted by Falshrmjgr | Report as abusive

Come now, people.

I am a Republican. Yes. I am. I love my God and my country.


You people are screwing with the wrong blog. Take your political debates somewhere else. This is where I go to find humor in my day.

You’re ruining this blog! Get out of here! Shooooooo! Don’t make me get the hose.

By the way…I think the Indian rocks!

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Bill’s lowest approval rating while in office was 43%. George’s lowest so far is 28%.

Nevermind that George was the first president in history who didn’t win the popluar vote.

My Opinion:
I’d give George a BJ in a heartbeat if it would get him out of office any faster. The man has the IQ of a turnip.

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

…I wish I belonged somewhere…

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Wow – Clinton gets a BJ and doesn’t want to tell the world about it, gets investigated and exonerated for Whitewater (so that’s officially a non-issue) and he’s the bad one – GWB:

1. taps our phones
2. starts an unsolicited war
3. keeps us there with no exit plan
4. disassociates us from the only people that could/would help (the UN
5. gets hundreds of people killed in NOLA through the dismantling of FEMA
6. gives away our treasury to Halliburton on no-bid contracts for stuff they didn’t ever do before ( food service? an oil company? )
7. defies congressional subpoenas
8. outs an active CIA agent, and
9. vetoes 30% of what congress passes because he doesn’t agree with it (not the intent of veto powers)
10. reverses the surplus Clinton left into the biggest deficit ever. (Oh yeah, I forgot – Dems spend money and Repubs are so responsible. Wait – I’m confused as how this happens then?)
11. defunds SEC, other organizations that oversee corporations, then bails the corporations out when their foreclosure/cooked books scams get too big and backfire on them.

Yet, Clinton is the bad guy. I have to assume you have sold your soul to the devil, and the only thing you see as good is our once-proud nation burned to ash.

Posted by Pete | Report as abusive

The title of this blog is “Oddly Enough: News but not the serious kind.” So, what is the news? Bush wore a hard hat. That’s not nearly odd enough, it’s certainly not news, and you’re all taking it far too seriously. Move on.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

ok, I came out to the back porch to get a laugh and some of you are going too far with respect to what this blog is for. I, too, feel, disgruntled with our nation’s current dilemma as to how we can turn things around, but for crying out loud, people. Go to a site where you can verbally bash one another and leave this for those of us who are here to enjoy the humor of it all. The bottom line is that while you are spending your precious moments bickering(not debating as some of you would most likely choose to believe), there are people fighting in real, serious and monumental ways for this country. And I don’t just mean overseas or in a uniform. Spend your time a little more wisely and maybe research your facts a bit. Try if you want some truth-its a fair representation of all thought processes and it might do some of you some good. Now, can I have some humor please. Thank you….

Posted by ang3 | Report as abusive

oh, but thanks to those who actually see the ridiculousness of our last election and for listing and pointing out what most people are too oblivious to-that our country is slowly but surely going to stop being a democracy and then we’ll see how much you support your government. it’s about money and power-and not for us.

Posted by ang3 | Report as abusive

Man, drama drama. USA seemed alright when Clinton was in, but of personal scandels, but thats his business. As for Bush?? America is a laughing stock. He has ruined your country. Get him off. Get anyone, anyone…as long as he can string a sentence together he’ll be a better face for American politics than that man. Fight against terrorism? Bullshit. Go home and play with your dolls bush. Make war there instead of killing REAL innocent victims, and defuding any attepmts for world peace.
And ‘K’. Dont read the blogs then? simple? Yep!

Posted by dani | Report as abusive

um…Clinton was NOT impeached. And if he were, Bush certainly should since any one of his illegal activities was significantly worse than the one lie Clinton told about his personal life.

Posted by gern | Report as abusive

Oh for Pete’s sakes, this is a HUMOR blog, not a political one, go somewhere else with all your arguements. I don’t know who is more annoying, these Bush & Clinton Haters or all the people who can’t tell the difference between this blog and the real news. GET A LIFE!! This is a joke!!! Go Away!!! Move on now, nothing to see here, move along, keep going, there you go.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive