Annie, get your gun!

September 18, 2008

fashion-annie-musical-200.jpg Blog Guy, I was mugged at gunpoint. I’m ashamed to go to the police because, well, I think it was a chick who played Annie in that Broadway musical. It was a nightmare!

You were mugged by a nine-year-old?

No, this one is all grown up now. But I’d know that red hair and chipper voice anyplace!

Okay, I’m on it. Below we have a compilation of what the people who played Annie would look like today. Except for Sarah Jessica Parker, who is like over 40 and probably doesn’t need to mug folks for a living.

When do you think she’ll be arrested?

Tomorrow.  So ya gotta hang on till tomorrow… Come what may…

The nightmare is starting all over again!

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above: Cast members Marissa O’Donnell and Sandy from the musical “Annie,” in a 2005 file photo.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

below: Model wears a creation by designer Miguel Palacio during spring/summer 2009 show at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, September 16, 2008. REUTERS/Juan Medina

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Isn’t that what you wear at a party when your “DRUNK”??

Posted by Insain1 | Report as abusive

No, that’s what you wear when you want to be mistaken for a nuclear mushroom cloud! DEVASTATE your next party with this awesome do!

Posted by YukiEiri | Report as abusive

Although many children with famous parents easily cash in on family fame, the daughter of Bozo the Clown was not so easily accepted in the socially elite circles of Hollywood….

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Finally, an easy and simple way to dust the ceiling fans! Can someone get a heads up to Billy Mays about this?

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

I wondered where Carrot Top stored his props…in his younger, better-looking sister’s hair!

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

Didn’t the Queen Mother wear that hat in about 1968?

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive