Sarah! Time for another big hug!

September 20, 2008

palin-hug-latest-180.jpgOkay, this is a blog for grown-ups, so I’m going to ask this straight: Does it seem like Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin hug a lot more than, say, the Democratic candidates?

Being a cosmopolitan guy I also hug women I haven’t seen for a while, but I mean, these two are doing constant campaign stops all over the country together, aren’t they?

So this is like, John! Sarah! Where the heck have you been keeping yourself, John? It’s weird, Sarah, I haven’t seen you since like ten minutes ago, waiting in line for the lavatory on the plane! Come here, you!

Shouldn’t somebody ask what all this time-consuming hugging is going to do to presidential productivity if they’re elected?

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above: Republican presidential nominee John McCain is introduced and embraced by his vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin at a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, September 18, 2008. REUTERS/Stephen Mally

Other REUTERS hug photos by Brian Snyder, John Gress and Jim Young.

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Actually, you know what I think happened is this….picture it; McCain is sitting around with the campaign staff trying to choose a VP. The Campaign manager says, “John we have 3 lined up for veep, who do you think will do?” McCain, trying to figure out what the hell happened to Czechoslovakia, thought the the campaign manager said, “Who would you like to DO?”. Immediately, John says, “Oh without a doubt, Sarah Palin. She’s a babe.” There you have it, history made by the crotch.

oh my god people it’s humor. sheesh.

and dt’s “I just love the way democrats discuss these, really important issues.” further proves republicans have NO sense of humor.

get a life.

wait, they have Sara Palin as a running mate – maybe they DO have a sense of humor.
she’d be an even more hilarious choice if she weren’t on the ticket to be a 72 yr old heartbeat away from the presidency.

Posted by winelips | Report as abusive

Wow, we try to have a little humor around here and people go nuts. Whether you like McCain or Obama is not relevant, either they hug a lot or they don’t. Mrs. Palin does look a little creeped out hugging Mr. McCain, even in those pictures above, I get the impression she does not want to hug him, but she is trapped.

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

Honestly, I think given this pair’s frequent blunders and unneeded, silly speeches, I’m amazed that there’s even people supporting them for the upcoming election. Are these two the best them Republican can get from the American population?

Posted by EF | Report as abusive

Memo to Andre who posted on 9/21: Carter was elected in 1976; Nixon was reelected in 1972 and look what happened. (Ask your parents.)

Posted by randy | Report as abusive

Who really cares? Bush has done irreparable damage and Reuters is talking about hugging. Think how much the value of the dollar is going to go down when we bail out those criminal CEO’s who have to pay 35 percent on their “earnings.” Bush can declare martial law before there is even another president.

It doesn’t matter if we ever have another president. We’ll be $15 trillion in debt paying for park benches for our veterans returning from Iraq with half a skull.

We won’t be able to pay for “homeland security.” 28 years of the elite stealing all of our money. And the tricklin’ just ain’t happening. These guys won’t ever stop. They’d love to see America go bankrupt. We can have slavery again. Can’t wait.

Posted by Monica Lewinski | Report as abusive

Uhhhh, lets see.

He’s like…80.
She’s like…40 and not unreasonably attractive.
Methinks he’s just taking every opportunity to cop a feel from a woman some 40 years younger than him.

Seems a bit basic to me.

If she looked like Hillary, this wouldn’t be going on so much.

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