Sarah! Time for another big hug!

September 20, 2008

palin-hug-latest-180.jpgOkay, this is a blog for grown-ups, so I’m going to ask this straight: Does it seem like Republican candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin hug a lot more than, say, the Democratic candidates?

Being a cosmopolitan guy I also hug women I haven’t seen for a while, but I mean, these two are doing constant campaign stops all over the country together, aren’t they?

So this is like, John! Sarah! Where the heck have you been keeping yourself, John? It’s weird, Sarah, I haven’t seen you since like ten minutes ago, waiting in line for the lavatory on the plane! Come here, you!

Shouldn’t somebody ask what all this time-consuming hugging is going to do to presidential productivity if they’re elected?

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above: Republican presidential nominee John McCain is introduced and embraced by his vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin at a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, September 18, 2008. REUTERS/Stephen Mally

Other REUTERS hug photos by Brian Snyder, John Gress and Jim Young.

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I’ve noticed that Sarah is a bit put off by the hugs…watch her face and hands when McCreepy hugs her. She pops out of those hugs like a Jack-in-the-Box!

Posted by PHM1949 | Report as abusive

mmmmmm Sarah Palin

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

“Just follow my lead. 1,2,3,2,2,3 1,2,3,2,2,3″

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Well, I am glad to know that I;m not the only one that sees all these hugs as a bit odd.

Posted by Ninure | Report as abusive

Ha, at least they’re not kissing on the mouth like Obama and Mrs Biden. YIKES! What kind of swingfest is that going to be if the Democratic ticket gets elected? Makes Clinton seem Puritan in comparison.

Posted by Wrenchbert | Report as abusive

These hugs are calculated political affectations, like almost all public actions taken by aspiring presidential/vice presidential candidates. And like almost all such affectations, the hugs are over the top.

I would like to say America deserves better, but, in my heart of hearts, I don’t believe it does, not so long as voters are affected by poses, airs, mannerisms and sound bites.

Campaign talk is so superficial and empty, by both sides. Take for example, the American-families-should-get-the-dignity -they-deserve commercials. What, exactly, is that supposed to mean? Notice, too, how candidates criticize their opponent, so they can distract voters from the emptiness of their own platform.

If there ever was or will be a time for Americans to force its politicians to be substantive and candid with what they will do to address the crises in America (and the world), this is it.

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

so what! I hug christian friends all the time. Seems like little was made of Monica and Bill when he was in office. I guess if Mrs. McCain has no problem with it why should anyone else.

Posted by patti Maynard | Report as abusive

Patti, You hug your Christian friends? What do you do with your non-Christian friends, wave? hose them off in the backyard?

You think little was made of Monica and Bill?? Did you throw your television out with your non-Christian friends?

Posted by Max | Report as abusive

Max, Patti wasn’t bashing non-Christians as you seem to think. She was only pointing out that hugging and displays of affection are common among chaste people. Nowhere did she say she didn’t have non-Christian friends or even that she is a Christian herself.

That said, Palin is a brave little miss to be on the road with that kind of attention from that man.

Posted by Hammy | Report as abusive

If Scare-ah was a man, or McCreepy a woman, would there be as much touching? Doubtful. If nothing else, this makes her seem less Vice Presidential and more Sweety, Baby, Honey, get me some coffee. Johnny Boy, keep your liver spotted mitts to yourself.

Posted by Patricia | Report as abusive

I think Dr. Doll nailed it. We don’t need another policy maker who isn’t in the best interest of the common American. What we need is a revolution.

Posted by PAUL | Report as abusive

Let them hug al they want…. just as long as Barrack Hussein Obama doesn’t get elected or we’ll simply have 21st socialism .

Posted by rob | Report as abusive

hug rhymes with uhg. I wish we could just cast our votes today and bring down the good ol boys… you know, Palin and all the rest of her buddies! Hug today, ugh tomorrow.

Posted by Susanne | Report as abusive

Now, Now, Now. I like to see people hug. I mean what’s the big deal…All those tough NFL players are constantly patting each others butts. No butt patting so far on the campaign trail…Well perhaps Obama pats Bidins butt, but not if public… Now if I see McCain and Obama hug, then I’ll get concerned. And perish the thought of Bidin hugging Palin…That’s just nasty….

Posted by Karen Johnson | Report as abusive

Gross; their ticket is a joke anyway; to watch them constantly hug and then she take over all the speaking is just another reason I’m so thankful for the Democratic ticket.

Posted by Jan | Report as abusive

What we need is someone normal!!!!

Posted by Natasha | Report as abusive

Palin to Dump McCain From GOP Ticket By R J Shulman 20 Sep 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced today that she has asked top GOP officials to fire John McCain as the GOP presidential candidate. “He has served his country well,” Palin told a cheering overflow crowd in this southwestern Indiana city, “but he is starting to drag down my numbers, so he’ll have to go. To make sure he’s gone,” she said, “I’ll offer one hundred and fifty dollars to the first person to shoot him and bring me his cut off right hand — just kidding. I don’t need to see the hand, a faxed picture will do.” (Satire!) mps_mccain_200908.html

Posted by Lori Price | Report as abusive

Normal? Isn’t moose hunting normal in DC?

Posted by Susanne | Report as abusive

He is just being grandfatherly, and yes she seems a bit put off.

Posted by maxwell2112 | Report as abusive

Yes McCain and Palin look great hugging, but I don’t see how that is going to get our country out of the heap of trouble we are in. I personally believe that hugging between the GOP presidential and vice-presidential candidate is useless. Notice they hide McCain and show Sarah’s face because it makes a more photogenic picture. My favorite picture of Sarah Palin is when she is aiming an assault rifle. Eerily, it reminds me of Sadam waving a gun around, in female form of course. What a country!

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Its all a rouse, when you have nothing to offer the electorate then you put on a show. The President/Vice president relationship should be built more on polices than hugs!. Ok, 1 maybe 2 hugs during the campaign, anything more strikes of calculation and lack of confidence in your own campaign.

Posted by Tom Martin | Report as abusive

John and Sarah, hugging their way to victory on the campaign trail? It’s going to take a lot more than hugs to make up for 26 years of do-nothing politics as usual. And putting Sarah, the pretty faced Hockey Mom on the ticket is just a plot to trick people into voting on the basis of like-ability. Her husband was in a political movement to have Alaska secede from the Union. Sarah knee-caps those who disagree with her. That’ll make things just hunky-dory in the country, eh? Wake up America! Vote with your brain, not your hugability meter.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Hug, get all excited, but no sex – that’s the Christian way! I don’t think McCain is much of a Christian though. He wants to deregulate the 10 Commandments, since he breaks them left and right, especially the one about bearing false witness. McHypocrite.

Posted by ebreen | Report as abusive

[I]Ha, at least they’re not kissing on the mouth like Obama and Mrs Biden. YIKES! What kind of swingfest is that going to be if the Democratic ticket gets elected? Makes Clinton seem Puritan in comparison.
– Posted by Wrenchbert[/I]

LMAO way too funny

Posted by Tyler Durden | Report as abusive

Hugs are politically correct, as is the two handed hand shake. Nothing out of the ordinary. They will make a great couple when elected, and will do great things for the nation. The issues are that the liberals are too dense to understand change and cannot move forward. Look back to three years ago when President Bush wanted to regulate the banking industry, do you recall who the first opponent was? And change? For those of you who cannot remember 1972, ask your parents what happened when President Carter implemented his change. Strangely enough, all that the Obama camp is touting as change has already failed one president, and the economy, to me, that is not change at all.

Posted by Andre | Report as abusive

“Let them hug al they want…. just as long as Barrack Hussein Obama doesn’t get elected or we’ll simply have 21st socialism”

hey rob now that our government is in the banking and mortgage biz, we are closer to socialism than any time in US history thanks in part to John “Mr Deregulation” McCain (a nickname he bragged about)! oh and I think your racism might be showing just a bit, just curious is your middle name Adolf?

Posted by Huge1 | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin: bridge to nowhere . . . $400 million; road to nowhere . . . $25 million.

Connect the dots, folks.

Sarah Palin . . . candidate to nowhere.

Posted by Achshav | Report as abusive

Well – IF you ask me… Let them hug! Doesn’t matter anyways, all we really have to choose from this time around is a Socialist or a moderate Democrat. Where is Ron Regan when you need him?

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

If we ‘voted with our brain’ we would not vote at all. Both canidates SUCK!

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

She’s like “Smelly old uncle hug, I guess I have to.”, “Just keep your face away from mine, no skin to skin contact”.

Pah shaw

Posted by tamwalczac | Report as abusive

I am surprised , how easy it it to fool the American public.
The only reason, Palin is famous right now is because of her dumb soccer mom image, and surprisinglyit is important t0 find a common thread with the electorate, even it is as stupid as this.
People easily ignore all the lies that the Mc Cain/Palin campaign has used, Whether it is about her Bridge to nowhere lie, her Ireland trip lie, or her Union membership lie, it somehow does not really affect the decision making of the electorate.
If the Republican campaign has started with lies and cheap tactics, I seriously doubt where it would take the country. A populist VP choice instead of huge talent available down the ranks is just in indication of priorities.
I Hope people can see beyond the red heels, and see the real issues.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

Thank you Huge1!!
Oy – some of these comments frighten me to no end…but I shouldn’t be surprised to hear such racist, ignorant, hypocritical comments from Republicanists.
And Max, another big Thank You to your response to Patti.
What are these people thinking???
“Hammy”, your comment about Palin being a “brave little miss” is absolutely *absurd*.
Please people, DO YOUR RESEARCH and THINK.
Good grief people!
Look beyond the lipstick and horrid up’do and focus on the *issues*.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

socialism would have to displace the current fascist state that has evolved over the past 7.5 years……………………..

Posted by dewey | Report as abusive

What does hugging have to do with the election. Who cares!!! Get to the real issues please.

Posted by Truth | Report as abusive

Truthfully John,

The exact same can be said about the liberal ticket!

It appears as of today my mother will not vote this time, as she “cannot” vote Republican (why, she would not answer), and will not vote for the same failed events she has already lived, once is enough for her life!

That means if we all use our brains to see the real issues, their is not a candidate out there that can handle the real issue. Mow what?

Posted by Andre | Report as abusive

You’re kiddin…? Why dont you give yourself a break from msnobana TV for a while and try some real reporting or bloging about something that makes you seem a bit more intelligent?

Posted by Thy Hangman | Report as abusive

I just love the way democrats discuss these, really important issues. I’m sure hugging is more relevant than discussing the do nothing democratic congress and the real issues that are at stake in this election. Ask Obama what he thinks about hugging, I’m sure he could give a 60 minute speech as to why his hug is better. HUGS AND KISSES, dt’s

Posted by dt’s | Report as abusive

They’re not really hugging. She’s just discretely checking to see if his Depends need to be changed.

Posted by Androck | Report as abusive

I cannot believe that no other woman has commented about the patronization evoked from this “hugging.” Unless McCain, and Obama is just as guilty in this regard, is going to hug every other person meeting at the same time, then for a man to hug a woman, in a business setting, is nothing but patronizing. There are few men that I will actually hug at work, but it is never done say in a business meeting. True, other cultures do a lot more hugging, I am not a big fan of shaking hands either, who knows where his hand has been, but still, for a man to automatically assume to “hug” a woman in a business setting as opposed to shaking her hand is nothing more than putting her in “her place.” This was turning into an exciting election until Hillary was out and soccer mom (who can’t fix her hair professionally) is in?? And Obama and his “Change”, please, how much “change” does he really expect to make as President. He still has to get both houses on board. Too many empty promises on both sides with no real plans behind them. I am starting to lose hope in this country, and I am only 40.

Posted by Kimberly | Report as abusive

The mortgage companies should be allowed to fail. The survivors will pick up the slack. Borrowers silly enough to have let lendors talk them into mortgages they cannot afford should have their mortgages forclosed. Sensible taxpayers should decidedly not be forced to buy back loans that were made with a wink and a nod by both lenders and borrowers. How do I know this? I have bought two residences in the last ten years and both times I was offered mortgages far in excess of what I could sustain.

The US should offer taxpayers an opportunity to invest in a national solar/wind generator system. Most homeowners are not electrical engineers and have insufficient funds to hire one, do not have reliable sunlight and live where wind power is not viable. Taxpayers should be able to buy clean electric generation with solar electric in sunshiny states and wind generation in windy regions. If the taxpayer can extract power credits in proportional to the investment, then the taxpayer’s investment may eventually grow large enough to make that taxpayer energy self-sufficient or even generate a revenue stream.

Attack the problems, not the people… er… people.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

A lot of people are saying Obama will usher in a socialist society… but isn’t that what everyone enjoys? Think about what we have that’s been socialized: public library systems, public school systems, the federal mail system. We use these things in our daily lives and do you really want to abolish that? Or would you rather pay to put your children in school? Pay for all your books? Pay [more than a few cents] to get your mail delivered? Ask yourselves what you’re losing when you look at moving against socialism.

Posted by Kenner | Report as abusive

yeah … this is the baby-kissing of the 21st century.

Posted by sa | Report as abusive

don’t know its is a good thing to hug another mans wife!! soo many times, if she your sister at a dinner party it be ok, but not another wifes!! its not very cool.

bet her husband can do without see his wife in another mans arms!!

thing can cross the line if the feeling (Extirpations Sexual) move in. i would not rule out once in a blue moon it be ok, but not 10x or 20x a week that may lead to other things.

Posted by William | Report as abusive


Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Whoa! A couple pictures of some huggers and then this verbal war. Golly. Politics brings out the best in people, doesn’t it?

Posted by Whitecup | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin’s numbers are so good that right after the vice presidential debate, I’m going to tell the world the Biden has “health” problems and put Hillary Clinton in around October 5th. Rudy was right, Joe should have gotten it in writing!!! Suckers!!!!

Posted by Barrack Obama | Report as abusive

Old trick with the photography – current day professional cameras take 6-8 pic’s a second. The photographer takes 20-30 pic’s per hug and facial expression is different on each one – then picks the one he thinks will make his point (certain expression or such). Next picture of same hug could show happy smile or such. Also – who cares? Most of you sound like you could use a hug.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I’d hug her

Posted by Hug=Her | Report as abusive

Ok I agree the hugs are kind of silly but I think we all should be talking about the real issues and not all the B.S. The country is in SERIOUS trouble in many respects and nobody is discussing the solutions just giving their sound bites!!

Posted by Jay R | Report as abusive

Kenner, don’t forget the police dept, the military and the fire dept. Dang that socialism! Sure does get in the way doesn’t it? Of the two candidates I think McCain is the most disingenuous. But judging from all these comments it would appear that the biggest thing missing is critical thinking and the ability to spell. Well, I am off to hug my christian friends. Toodles.

Posted by jake the snake | Report as abusive

Actually, you know what I think happened is this….picture it; McCain is sitting around with the campaign staff trying to choose a VP. The Campaign manager says, “John we have 3 lined up for veep, who do you think will do?” McCain, trying to figure out what the hell happened to Czechoslovakia, thought the the campaign manager said, “Who would you like to DO?”. Immediately, John says, “Oh without a doubt, Sarah Palin. She’s a babe.” There you have it, history made by the crotch.

Posted by Magnificent | Report as abusive

oh my god people it’s humor. sheesh.

and dt’s “I just love the way democrats discuss these, really important issues.” further proves republicans have NO sense of humor.

get a life.

wait, they have Sara Palin as a running mate – maybe they DO have a sense of humor.
she’d be an even more hilarious choice if she weren’t on the ticket to be a 72 yr old heartbeat away from the presidency.

Posted by winelips | Report as abusive

Wow, we try to have a little humor around here and people go nuts. Whether you like McCain or Obama is not relevant, either they hug a lot or they don’t. Mrs. Palin does look a little creeped out hugging Mr. McCain, even in those pictures above, I get the impression she does not want to hug him, but she is trapped.

Posted by Tony | Report as abusive

Honestly, I think given this pair’s frequent blunders and unneeded, silly speeches, I’m amazed that there’s even people supporting them for the upcoming election. Are these two the best them Republican can get from the American population?

Posted by EF | Report as abusive

Memo to Andre who posted on 9/21: Carter was elected in 1976; Nixon was reelected in 1972 and look what happened. (Ask your parents.)

Posted by randy | Report as abusive

Who really cares? Bush has done irreparable damage and Reuters is talking about hugging. Think how much the value of the dollar is going to go down when we bail out those criminal CEO’s who have to pay 35 percent on their “earnings.” Bush can declare martial law before there is even another president.

It doesn’t matter if we ever have another president. We’ll be $15 trillion in debt paying for park benches for our veterans returning from Iraq with half a skull.

We won’t be able to pay for “homeland security.” 28 years of the elite stealing all of our money. And the tricklin’ just ain’t happening. These guys won’t ever stop. They’d love to see America go bankrupt. We can have slavery again. Can’t wait.

Posted by Monica Lewinski | Report as abusive

Uhhhh, lets see.

He’s like…80.
She’s like…40 and not unreasonably attractive.
Methinks he’s just taking every opportunity to cop a feel from a woman some 40 years younger than him.

Seems a bit basic to me.

If she looked like Hillary, this wouldn’t be going on so much.

Posted by EyeintheSky | Report as abusive dw&feature=related

Posted by Allison | Report as abusive