That’s what I call FALL fashion!

September 24, 2008

model-fall-1-180.jpgConfidential note to fashion show staff:

Well, this is another fine mess I’m going to have to explain to the designers!

Yes, I admit I thought it was a good cost-cutting idea to pass over big-name supermodels for our show and hire cheap movie stunt women instead.

But I figured these women would play it straight! Who knew they’d treat it like real stunt work, hurling themselves on the runway, spitting teeth and spurting fake blood?

Who wants to see a model in Prada haute couture if she can’t walk? It was like a sorority party at 4 a.m.!  We’re going back back to zombie models!

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model-fall-combo-360.jpgabove: A model falls as she displays a creation from Prada Spring/Summer 2009 women’s collection during Milan Fashion Week September 23, 2008. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

REUTERS photos of other falling models: Caetano Barreira, Stephen Hird, Mike Segar, Andrea Comas, Joshua Lott and John Schults

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They are falling down because they haven’t eaten in weeks! If you don’t fuel the body, it starts shutting down on you.
Ladies, eat!

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

These girls can hardly stand up and walk straight from lack of nourishment. Feed them!!

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Really witty title! I like it.
Autumn or fall might be represented as a woman-tree with falling leaves. Despite the fall, they look wonderfully vulnerable, don´t they?

Posted by armstrongfl | Report as abusive

or maybe it’s just that the human body is not designed to support itself on 6-inch stilettos…

Posted by mjm | Report as abusive

This is a lot of models falling in one show. At some point it may turn into a different kind of event, maybe even betting ‘who can make it to the end of the runway and back the most times without falling’. The article does point out where fashion industry is today, and I presume this ‘show’ aids the designers in selling clothes to those who buy them and wear them. ‘What price couture?’

Posted by geoff | Report as abusive

Maybe if they just laid a line of coke down the runway; those girls would follow that in scuba fins to get to the end!!

Posted by Gigi | Report as abusive