Now, the do-it-your-shelf dress!

September 26, 2008

fashion-ruiz-crop-shelf.jpg These are exciting times in high fashion. At last, designers are showing outfits that are are useful!

You take this dress, shown this week in Milan. The concept is perfection itself, making it easy to carry everything you need for an evening out.

The handy top shelf holds lipstick, cell phones, dental floss, etc. Below that, the larger shelves hold bigger stuff: fried chicken, tasers, canned goods, Hummel figurines… And, the sturdy bottom shelf displays reference books, small dogs and decorative shrubbery.

Warning: Some assembly required.

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A model displays a creation from  Agatha Ruiz De La Prada’s Spring/Summer 2009 women’s collection during Milan Fashion Week September 26, 2008. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo

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Wow…this dress is…well…useful, but it’s just a little strange.

Posted by Annie | Report as abusive

Or you could use it as a fondue fountain! I can almost see the thick dark chocolate puddling on the bottom “shelf”

Posted by Chri | Report as abusive

Wow, this looks like the sort of clothing you’d see on the Jetsons.

Posted by Ana | Report as abusive

What’s the purpose ? It isn’t practical, you can’t sit down in it, all you can do is stand there. Is it fashion, or an odd piece of walking art work ? I can’t tell the difference.

Posted by One Day At A Time CT | Report as abusive

What I think is funny is that the models wearing these ridiculous pieces of clothing/art work always look so angry! This lady is not going to let you use any of her shelf space!

Posted by Amused | Report as abusive

“Queen Amidala is not amused.”

Posted by quetz | Report as abusive

Well, wouldn’t you look angry if you were forced to wear something like that in public?

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

the best thing about this dress is that you can buy it for a child and then just let the tiers extend as the child grows. Not only do you get shelf space, but expanding shelf space.

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

I really like the slice of watermellon on her head it just makes the outfit standout a bit…

Posted by sean | Report as abusive

You would look angry too if you had to wear that. Just how long are her legs?

Posted by Troy | Report as abusive

HeY! That’s my Hat!

Posted by kimberlyn | Report as abusive

You people don’t know what you’re talking about…..clearly, this is an umbrella dress to keep her feet toasty warm and dry. VERY practical.


Posted by Ian | Report as abusive

MMMMMMM! Sherbet!

Posted by MN | Report as abusive

this is a freakish dress
I cream shelves??
i gotta agree with the Jetson’s remark.

what the hell is the point of this dress?
(if you can call it that)
definitely not fashion.
and i really can’t say it’s art.
though if you think about it, art inspires emotion.
and i’m definitely feeling disgust…

Posted by Ellyn | Report as abusive

I see why models get paid… So much embarrassment.

Posted by Vic | Report as abusive

I agree with the Jetson’s comment. In the words of Forrest Gump….”stupid is as stupid does.”

Posted by Jenirooz1 | Report as abusive

Also, can be used to unclog plugged drains.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Despite everybody in Spain, or at least lots of people, don´t fancy Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, in my opinion she is an excellent designer. Armstrongfl loves her style and colourful dresses. The exception happens when her model clothing is impossible to wear. This one on the picture seems wonderful.

Posted by armstrong | Report as abusive

Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! From what I’ve seen of this designer’s fashions, humanity would be better served if she were selling fried chicken along the roadside in Texas — big hair, clunky jewelry, and all.

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

what’s with all the comments about how useless/unwearable the outfit is. haven’t you gotten the idea yet? the more fashionable something is, the less practical. it’s nothing new, but this might be an extreme case.

Posted by robbin | Report as abusive

this looks like it should be in whoville

Posted by Jennifer seus | Report as abusive

With all that shelf space why has she stuck her slice of melon on her head?

Posted by Jacobusmaximus | Report as abusive

[…] Shelves for all your gadgets do-it-your-shelf dress […]

Posted by Shelves for all your gadgets « Oldster’s View | Report as abusive

She looks like a Dr. Suess prop.

Posted by MelissaJ | Report as abusive

Look closely at that photo, is it me, or does it look photo shopped? I don’t think it’s a real dress at all. I mean, from the looks of it, that model has to have 7 foot legs.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Couture like what’s seen in fashion shows like this one usually IS meant to be more of an art form than a functional clothing line. Designers make all sorts of weird, impractical designs and then clothing that people actually wear on a day-to-day basis is designed using the couture as inspiration.

Posted by wisp | Report as abusive

I’ve waited years for Hula Hoops to make a comeback! I just thought they would be used in the backyard.

I really do like the color palette and from the waist up this is quite wearable. I’m into asymmetric earring pairs and I like that the button parts of the earrings aren’t the same color.

Posted by EssBee, Miracle Mile | Report as abusive

wisp, as I’ve said before:

“A number of bloggers have commented in recent “fashion” entries that certain fashions are art for art’s own sake — that such fashions are not meant to be worn and need not be wearable. One blogger stated that the artisitc designs are later “watered down” to be more realistic and wearable.

Certainly, clothing can be, and often is, art. Clothing is a form of expression, sometimes explicit, sometimes implicit.

But, I would suggest that artisitic clothing cannot be divorced from the fact that it is (purportedly) clothing. When the fashion design becomes so gimmicky, absurd, and laughable that no sane person would wear it anywhere but the fashion runway (assuming, without conceding, that models are sane), it becomes a sham and a phoney.

This is not to say that for something to be art it has to be appreciated by the average white bread pedestrian on the pavement. But for fashion designers to conjure up the most absurd “clothing” they can think of, serve it up as art, and at the same time know that it is unwearable by anyone is, for me, the epitome of charlatanry.”

We are not talking about esoteric “art” here; we are talking about gauche designers who are simply too lazy or incompetent to create art that can be worn without people laughing all over the shop.”

I do hope that whoever is “inspired” by this “fashion” considers how a person will go potty while wearing it.

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

I love the color combo, but wouldn’t be amused if a bunch of small children tried to hide under my skirts during a rain storm.

Posted by Lori Anderson | Report as abusive

a stack of upside down tupperware cups and a slice of cantaloupe for a hat.

Posted by scari | Report as abusive

I look at crap like this, and think to myself: “Why do these people exist?” The models who put up with it, the cataclysmic imbeciles in the back who came up with it, and worst yet, the brainless rejects who piled into the seats of the surround to observe the vast quantities of stupidity…

No, actually, I can forgive the audience. Watching the freaks of the show walk past must be amusing. I just hope they didn’t have to pay for admission.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

i really liked some of humorous comments here. really just one was.. stupid.

joe, clearly this sort of design wasn’t intended for you or the public, and probably isn’t marketed to you in the first place for patent reasons involving an element of crudeness. but i guess it’s fair, seeing how fashion magazines stomp over your territory of how you try to pass off american eagle, wal-mart, mervyns, goody’s, or the likes as “fashion.” we certainly have to put up with looking at it every day in public.

even chaps is considered, “polo for the poor, ” it’s by no means easy to fit into this world. we do it because it’s another one of life’s challenges, we believe we’re up for. judging from your comments, you’ve already demonstrated you don’t have the courage to try, let alone endure it.

“…Because that’s what this multi-billion-dollar industry is all about, ‘inner-beauty” -Nigel

Posted by mike | Report as abusive