A wiener dog is my copilot!

September 29, 2008

Blog Guy, I’m planning a vacation in Italy. I hear there are labor problems at the airline over there. What is the main issue?

alitalia-dog-220.jpgWell, it looks like flight crews are demanding the right to execute passengers by hanging.

They want to EXECUTE people? For what?

Oh, you know, the usual. Tampering with smoke detectors, getting up during turbulence, wearing unfashionable clothing

Yikes! Do they have any other issues?

Yes, I think the pilots are protesting the current practice of using wiener dogs as copilots on international flights.

Cripes! Maybe I’ll just go to France, instead.

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above: Alitalia pilot holds a dog under his jacket in Rome, September 26, 2008. REUTERS/ Alessandro Bianchi

below: Alitalia worker holds up a noose during a protest in Rome, September 18, 2008. REUTERS/ Alessandro Bianchi

Other Alitalia noose photos by REUTERS/ Tony Gentile

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Wow, talk about doggedly pursuing humor on a serious matter!

Seems like a bit of a grim departure for the Oddly Enough Noose blog…

(I really have to keep my practice up on this)

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…In other news, animal rights activists went to extreme measures Friday, while protesting local leash laws. They used nooses to illustrate the discomfort that dogs feel while being controlled by a leash. Unfortunately, the protesters were a bit overzealous and inadvertently ended up hanging at least 4 of their fellow demonstrators…

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Angry at the influx of a number of small German dogs, Italian protesters threatened suicide if proper measures were not taken to prevent illegal canine immigration. Italian Mastiffs and Italian Greyhounds are currently organizing their own border patrol to watch for a variety of Euro-mutts trying to enter the country illegally.

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I don’t buy that these are airline employees. More likely, they are forgetful fashion designers, who forgot to add a second head on their fashion design to put the noose around. Picture it. A doll with a noose around its neck, twisitng in the wind. Isn’t that just exactly “couture”?

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Co-pilot? No, no: he uses that to wake up the controller!

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By the way, isn’t that John McCain in the top right-hand corner?

Is the campaign really going that bad?

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