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Cindy, what’ll they pay for these in Fargo?

October 31, 2008

Blog Guy, these presidential campaigns look SO expensive! The candidates must be practically broke!

Don’t tread on us, boys…

October 31, 2008

Somehow I doubt this was exactly what the editor had in mind when he sent a shooter out to the race track with a Grand Prix coming up. I bet he expected some shiny race cars, maybe well-known drivers chatting with the models..

And Finally: You’re Palin! Seen a ghost?

October 31, 2008

When Chad Ruble’s weekly odd video presentation coincides with Halloween in an election year, you know what that means.

So ghosts have no insurance, Joe?

October 30, 2008

Blog Guy, Barack Obama seems to have created a monster with this Joe the Plumber guy. Is there a danger of that happening again?

I’m strangely attracted to you…

October 30, 2008

So there’s a gadget show this weekend, and some of the stuff is pretty neat. A “robot guitar” that tunes its own strings, a solar-powered mobile phone charger, and best of all, a chair that uses powerful magnets to float in the air.

Supporters get sticker shock?

October 30, 2008

Okay gang, listen up! Ernie came up with a GREAT idea I want to share with you!

As you know, we ordered WAY too many McCain Palin bumper stickers, considering most people can’t afford to drive their cars anymore.

It’s the Great Bonanza, Charlie Brown!

October 29, 2008

You can’t take it with you, but it turns out you can keep making it after you’re gone.

You must be Joshing!

October 29, 2008

Blog Guy, my girlfriend is in LOVE with some actor named Josh Brolin. She’s always like, “Josh Brolin this” and Josh Brolin that.”

Mister, you left your silencer on the seat!

October 28, 2008

From London comes a story about this senior government official who was punished for leaving secret intelligence files on a train when he was taking them home. How do you suppose that went?

You love me in red, Fred?

October 28, 2008

“Honey, should I wear my red dress tonight, or my…”


There you have it. An actual conversation that proves men like red stuff on women. And yet, Reuters reports on a new study that spent $40 million to see if red was more of a turn-on for men than, say, dark brown.