Care for a nice German whine?

October 3, 2008

I need to find some peace and quiet, God! I hate this stinking diet!
It doesn’t work, I’m still not thin, the dog pooped in the house again…

complaint-2-160.jpg This choir in Germany has strung together a list of everyday gripes about everything from lousy weather and bad services to poor leaders and unfaithful husbands, and surprise, they’re a musical hit!

The group has 140 members and claims to be the biggest complaint choir in the world, with songs such as “These Pretzels are too Salty” and “These Lederhosen cut off my Circulation…” I’m just guessing at those titles, since I don’t gripe in German.

Anyhow, their success seems partly due to the fact that Germans appear to be among the world’s best complainers.

But so are Americans, which makes me wonder why we don’t have one here. This is all very frustrating. There isn’t a complaint choir in my area, and I can’t find any way to complain about it.

complaint-1-1003-360.jpgPetitioners show letters of complaint on a street outside a government office in Beijing, July 20, 2008. REUTERS/David Gray

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Since when is Beijing in Germany?

Posted by Mr. Cush | Report as abusive

what in the world is wrong with oddly enough?!!!! You guys have lost all touch with reality. What does Beijing have to do with this headline?!!!!! Come on!!!! Get relevant and get funny like you used to be!

Posted by NoDak Man | Report as abusive

Oh good! We’re not too late. The origami class is just getting started.

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

You Americans are going to be complaining pretty loudly over the next five or six years, when the chickens come home to roost and you pay for inflicting Republicans on the rest of the world, in the form of a DEPRESSION!!!

And the sounds of your lamentations and the gnashing of your teeth with be like sweet music to all the people of the world. And your tears… Those tears… All of us will want to reach out and touch them, to taste them… Mmmm… So hot, so poignant, so redolent with angst… Mmmm… Yum… Gnaa gnaa gnaa!!! Gnaa gnaa gnaa!!!

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive


That’s the freakiest thing I’ve ever read.


And we didn’t ALL do the inflicting…please spare those of us who are just hardworking citizens who don’t vote republican.

Posted by Chri | Report as abusive

Unfortunately, you normal people among the citizens of the US will have to suffer along with your Republican brethren. And this is only just, because you didn’t strangle all those marsupial moms, cat stranglers, frat boys and assorted miscreants in their cradles when it might have done some good.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Hey Matt,

If America goes down we’ll land right on top of you. So get off you’re a$$es and try working for once in your life.

Posted by Lin | Report as abusive

Obviously the Republicans are to blame… It’s the easiest thing to do because that’s what the media feeds you… Check the facts…

Biden voted for 1999 deregulation that liberal groups are blaming for part of the financial crisis. The law allowed Wall Street investment banks to create the kind of mortgage-related securities at the core of the problem now. The law was widely backed by Republicans as well as by Democratic President Clinton, who argues it has stopped the crisis today from being worse.

I honestly don’t trust either side… Especially when everything you hear is half truths and only partial information intended in pushing blame on the other…

Oh yeah, and the US is to blame for every other countries economic problems too…

Posted by 3.1415 | Report as abusive

America already fell on us. However, we have a way of life that allows us to be happy even when we’re broke. You on the other hand have a way of life that brings nothing but misery, unless you have money. We have art, our food is way better, we aren’t sexually repressed, our entertainment doesn’t consist of fifty million dollar venues to showing explosions and cars crashes, we don’t watch documentaries all day about life in jail, we don’t throw everyone we don’t approve of in prison, we don’t allow ourselves to be victimized by religious grifters, we have universal health care, our news isn’t 24 hour coverage of Brittany Spears and we have lots of vacation time – because life is meant to be enjoyed. And what do you have? A bunch of propaganda drunk, impoverished Jerry Springer types lurching around voting for the people who make a living oppressing them.

You people really do need to suffer.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

What Matt does not understand is that the U.S. does not have a king. We have a president who signs or vetoes bills sent to him by congress. The Democrats have hidden behind President Bush claiming him for everything that has ever gone wrong since Adam and Eve. Most people get this. That is why President Bush (approval rating 25 to 30) is about three times more popular than congress (approval rating 9 to 10). I am voting for that idiot Obama because congress will no longer have anyone to blame. Then who will be laughing? Not Matt!

Posted by Mike Priz | Report as abusive


You would have more credibility if you didn’t steal your lines from an animated television show.

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

You are all wrong¬°. it is spain’s PM, Mr. Zapatero’s fault, – He’s the culprit.

Posted by baragua | Report as abusive

RE: current Financial Status

Actually this whole “mess” started in 1989, under Pres. Carter (D:GA).

Community Reinvestment Act einvestment_Act

Then under Pres. Clinton’s (D:AR) “watch”, rewrote banking loan rules & regs
along with Freddies & Fannies allowable backed loans regs.

Proudly brought to you by the Democratic (Socalist) Party of America.

Then with the help of thier gestapo group, ACORN, we are in the current situation.

Posted by TheTruth | Report as abusive


Wasn’t reagan in office in 1989?

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

It seems Matt comes from a culture that is obsessed with how Americans live.

By the way…the first Bush took office in January of 1989, and Reagan was before him. Please tell me you’re not Americans.

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

Funny. I like the irrelevant Bejing anecdote,it gives commentators something to complain about- nicely done!

I believe the German choir’s repetoire includes My Ol Man’s a Dustman, I wanna Rock and Roll all night and party everty day but I’m grounded, 7 things I hate about you

Posted by seriouscoffee | Report as abusive

Matt, what do you mean YOU PEOPLE?!

Posted by Mr Clean | Report as abusive

Get a grip,,, someone does a mistype and you loose it… it was 79…. And it was three years ago the republicans did an investigation into fanny and freddy that indicated that they were in bad shape, they tried to get more regulation on them and the DEMOCRATS called them racist for it… Said that Fannie and Freddy were in fantastic shape… And now it crashes. Seems it was started and finished by the democrats. And now they are claiming it is by republicans.

Posted by William | Report as abusive

My comments aren’t from an animated show – the lines were lifted (with some changes) from Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus.”

Here’s what’s going to happen – Sarah Palin is going to be your President. Why, you ask? Why? Because God has decided he hates you.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

I have to wonder why no one has commented yet that America does have this same type of music…it’s call “country music”

Posted by nae | Report as abusive


You guys need to take some chill pills, it’s just a blog.

Posted by Celeste | Report as abusive

Matt – what country are you in? Cause if McCain/Palin do win, I want to move.
Republicans try re-writing history to make themselves look good, Bush be a good president and the USA founded as a christian nation – which are all preposterous lies.

Posted by Bobby | Report as abusive

If Palin were to become President, that’d be the best thing that could happen to America. I don’t like Obama, Biden, or McCain. And, no, I don’t like her just because she’s a woman. There’s no way in the world I’d have voted for Hillary.

Posted by Tylia | Report as abusive