Politics: let the heeling begin!

October 3, 2008

Blog Guy, a few days ago you did an item about how photographers cover the shoes of women candidates. I think you were just putting us on, and I’ll prove it. What kind of shoes did Sarah Palin wear at last night’s debate in St. Louis?

palin-shoes-1002-220.jpgThe highly technical term for those in the fashion industry would be reddish-brown shoes with high heels, made from some kind of reptile or something.

Hmm. Then show me a photo.

Be more specific. You want the left shoe or right shoe? Full calf, or just ankle?

Cripes! You’re right! Just out of curiosity, what kind of shoes did Joe Biden wear?

Are you serious? He’s just a guy. For all I know, he wore flip-flops.

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Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin shoe shots, October 2, 2008, by REUTERS/Carlos Barria and REUTERS/Don Emmert/Pool

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can we just get rid of McCain and obama and put Palin in the white house? During news conferences instead of having the face appear we can have the floor cam on her feet while she addresses the nation. We would have to lower the presidential seal to floor level so that we would know its an official address.

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There’s something about Sarah.

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

With shoes like those and looks like that, how is it possible this woman has not even one nasty skeleton in her closet? Not one ‘I was experimenting and I’m not gay’ or even a ‘I tried it but I didn’t inhale’.

Posted by Worsbeursie | Report as abusive

Hmmm… Somehow slip-ons don’t seem quite right for someone who could end up helping to run the country on a shoestring budget….

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People are dying for freedom or , let’s say, as in Darfur, so they’ll never have freedom
and you wonder about Sarah’s shoes?

And, yes, in our equal opportunity democracy here in the United States – did Joe buy new shoes for this big event?

What are you thinking? oh, wait, you are not thinking – importantly.

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@ Worsbeursie

What are you talking about no skeletons? Where have you been the past month? She’s got a mass grave worth of skeletons falling out all over the place.

And BTW, she admitted that she DID inhale.

Posted by Doug Christian | Report as abusive

You’re missing the point of the shoes entirely. They’re planted firmly right next to each other. She’s squaring off as professionally as possible.
Try right foot back and heel lifted. Or left foot forward and right toe pointed outward a little. It would have been an entirely different debate.

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It’s funny how people get on here and get all serious. With what’s going on today we need a little humor. Some people just need to take an an ativan.

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Palin is a strong diligent person who is not going to back down. I have great expectations for her. Shoes or not

Posted by bl | Report as abusive

“Palin is a strong diligent person”

Sarah…Palin? Is that who you’re talking about? Seriously?

She has thick ankles. I can’t wait until Nov 4th when I’ll never hear this redneck’s name again.

Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

bl, I disagree…it’d be much harder to have great expectations if she’d showed up barefoot.

Posted by josh | Report as abusive

I think these shoes show her dual personality. Not the shoes of someone who says “good golly” and winks at her father… And can you imagine hunting in those heels? Even if it is from a helicopter… shooting wolves with buckshot and letting them die a slow death…

These are the shoes of a siren…

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Paychecks be damned. I really can’t afford to miss crucial posts like this in the future!

Posted by Fortunalee | Report as abusive

Palin needs to click her heals together three times and say there is no place like home, no place like home. Are we sure this is not a Lifetime for Women Movie of the Month?

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footsie anyone?

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See what I mean? now here we have even more comments and more photos. All about her chubby calves and pole dancer shoes. As far as her skeletons are concerned…PLEASE!…lets see, Todd,her husband would be the first I think with his terrorist background belonging to that weird Alaska Liberation Party and being buddies with that dude who hates America, the witch doctor she had lay hands on her to cast out demons, marijuana is sort of legal in Alaska and she has already admitted her and Todd’s indulgence of it, she is an actual “book burner” firing ,or trying to fire,her village librarian for not banning the books that she didn’t like. I am sure there are even more oddities attesting to her small town,self centered biased mentality but you all can figure them out for yourselves if your not to busy focusing on her feet.

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Maybe if she clicks her heels together three times, she will go back home. Or if I click my heels together three times, I’ll wake up and realize it was only a dream . . . Hmmmm. . . Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz? Maybe I’ve stumbled onto something here!

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