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October 4, 2008

Blog guy, I have a major fashion dilemma. Tomorrow I’m supposed to go motorcycling in the morning, swimming in the afternoon, and then to a glitzy cocktail party, and I won’t have time to change in-between. Help!

fashion-black-swimsuit-crop-180.jpgYou sound VERY busy! Here’s a useful fashion tip: If you’re busy, and you’re an idiot, then dress like a busy idiot.

This striking black leather jacket will deflect the wind while roaring along on your Harley. Then, when you get to the beach, there is a sexy black vinyl swimsuit, which can be dried quickly without even taking it off. It’s like wearing a child’s place mat!

Then it’s off to your posh party. Note the spectacular bejeweled necklace which will make you the hit of any soiree, and the dressy white gloves which won’t leave prints if you want to steal some stuff.

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fashion-black-swimsuit-300.jpgA model presents a creation by German designer Karl Lagerfeld for French fashion house Chanel during their Spring/Summer 2009 ready-to-wear fashion show in Paris October 3, 2008.  REUTERS/ Charles Platiau

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Enough with the fashion jokes already! How about some fresh topics? :-)

Posted by Betsy | Report as abusive

You must be new here. Making fun of stupid fashions is a major part of this blog. However, when the current big fashion shows wind down, I’ll look for other victims.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

She is *not* wearing the right earrings for that outfit. Coco would not be amused.

Posted by Fortunalee | Report as abusive

Haha. This kind of thing makes me wonder what kind of drugs these people are on. I really liked the “child’s place mat” line, that’s exactly what it looks like!

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

What is it with the new format of Oddly Enough? This stuff is stupid, not even remotely funny. This blog approach completely stinks. Go back to the way you were, please. Much more of this and I’ll be taking your gadget off my iGoogle home page.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

Someone needs to make a new gadget that goes to the news, not the blog. Try clicking on “oddly enough” on the left nav bar (on this website) to get the “regular” stories.

Posted by Re:Victor | Report as abusive

I completely agree with Victor(other comment), having this excuse for blogging pop up on my oddly enough is terrible, I was going to remove the RSS Feed from my home page today and hope that I could find the old one, or a new one that only points to the oddly enough news stories..not THIS blog. WHAT HAPPENED?

Posted by Justin | Report as abusive

I agree with Victor. While the first few were amusing, editorializing and down right making things up is not news, no matter how ‘oddly enough’ it may be. I added this gadget because I liked reading about the strange but true things that can and do happen in our world, not to listen to someone make up different captions for events in an attempt at wit. Several times I have thought about complaining directly about it to the Oddly Enough portion of Reuters, which I still may yet do. The blog may have its place, but it should not be with articles that are meant to be news.

Posted by Maureen | Report as abusive

I agree with Victor. This new Oddly Enough format sucks!

Posted by Charlie | Report as abusive

For the news stories,
subscribe to this feed: http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/oddlyEn oughNews
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Posted by Phred | Report as abusive

whatever happen to the real stories not this bs of this talking about an subject. this is not what i sign uo for…..rose

Posted by red | Report as abusive

Thanks to Phred for the links; it provides an easy access from Google until this one is fixed. I understand if they want to try something new with this blog, but rather than hijack something that people already have, they should have to attract people to the blog on its own merits; anything else is just underhanded. Hopefully they’ll still return this one to the original format.

Posted by Maureen | Report as abusive

This is no longer funny. Please restore oddly enough back to real content rather than a gossip blog. Most of these comments are just that. Cynicism needs to be brilliant, most of the blog cuts somewhat short of that.

Posted by Badim Pulmer | Report as abusive

😀 Thank you Phred! (Now has too oddly enough widgets)

Posted by Anon | Report as abusive

Are there really that many clueless people out there? This is a blog. That would be why it’s under “Blogs”, not under “News” which is where the news is.

Posted by Mary K | Report as abusive

I agree with Mary. This isn’t a “new” style of reporting the news, this is a blog, so clearly marked as such. And if you do not find it funny or enjoyable then go back to the news feed and leave us to enjoy the humor here. Get a clue, boys and girls. Use your brain and look at what you are reading.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

OK, she’s wearing a HUGE neclace that looks like it’s made of cottage cheese, then has no pants on! Is it a statement about cellulite being worn as art?! Is his ponytail too tight?!

Posted by Dee T | Report as abusive

I so want that necklace!!!!

Posted by Kiki | Report as abusive

Oh good God what? 😕

Posted by Inu | Report as abusive

The outfit does look cool but, a jacket and a swimsuit? If it was so cold that I needed to wear gloves, I certainly would be sporting some very long ass leg warmers too!

Posted by sparker | Report as abusive