You? Look creepy? Never!

October 6, 2008

Quick quiz: In the photo below, actress Salma Hayek is saying to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld…

lagerfeld-crop-200.jpga) Karl, I saw you in Cat Ballou, but you were calling yourself Lee Marvin back then…

b) Karl, I saw you in Dr. Strangelove, but you were calling yourself Dr. Strangelove back then…

c) What on God’s earth did you eat for lunch?

d) If you look down there just one more time, I’m getting my fricking taser!

Whatever, it’s nice to note that our caption puts an (L) after her name, so that people who confuse easily can tell which of these folks is an actress, and which is a fashion designer. If there are people who are that confused, I hope they’re not allowed to drive and vote and stuff…

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lagerfeld-hayek-300.jpgActress Salma Hayek (L) chats with German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld during the television show “Wetten dass…?” in Nuremberg, Germany, October 4, 2008. REUTERS/Alexandra Beier

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“Yes dear, I’ve only recently become blind. Did I mention that my wife left me over it?”

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

yes my dear, if you have enough money it dos’nt matter how silly you look.

Posted by john bennett | Report as abusive…can’t breathe with this blasted thing cinched around my neck! Getting dark…oohhh….what are those down there!?

Posted by Kelly VW | Report as abusive

“Zelma, I hate to zay dis, but ze prisoner on ze right ist trying to escape!”

Posted by lceel | Report as abusive

I had to invent a tall collar to tuck my jowls into. You should consider tucking something away too, my dear.

Posted by SI Boyd | Report as abusive

This is my new tramp look out for fall.

Posted by invisigoth | Report as abusive

They are supposed to be “chatting”? Looks to me like Salma is just about to feel her eyes roll back in her head before a faint. I’d faint too if my, uh, chest was squished like that.

Posted by Dee T | Report as abusive

Yeah! Yeah! they’re real old man and I KNOW, that you noticed them…

Posted by Edward | Report as abusive