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October 9, 2008

Blog Guy, you seem to know a lot about the language. I saw the word “devotee” a couple of days ago, and I wonder what it means.

devotee-1008-1-200.jpgGood question. The roots of the word “devotee” break down into DEVO and TEE, or “feet with no feeling.” So, proper usage would be like, “I dropped a cement block on my left devotee, but didn’t feel a thing.” I hope this is helpful.

Not to seem ungrateful, but what’s your source?

Photo captions. They teach us a lot about words. Check out these pictures, where “devotees” are walking on burning coals.

You never know ANYTHING! Can you give me the name of a REAL blog?

I could, but I’d probably just get it wrong.

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devotee-1008-3-360.jpgDevotees walk on fire during the festival of the Nine Emperor Gods in Kuala Lumpur, October 7, 2008. REUTERS/ Zainal Abd Halim

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I think maybe someone should more thoroughly explain the act of roasting marshmallows to these people….

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Ooof! Oh my! Someone’s going to need a little Dr. Scholl’s, don’t ya know…

The comma is, not necessary.


You, don’t, know, a, darn, thing.

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That’s easy—you just dip your feet in Thermo-Gel and stroll right across!

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“Next on When Pajama Parties Go Bad…”

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So who’s in the rotisserie…er..I mean carriage thingy?

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Gangland turf wars are a little different in other countries. Here, we are able to capture a dispute between the yellow do-rags and the white do-rags which resulted in a “walk-by roasting”.

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im pritty sure the word devotee refers to the followers of “The Nine Emperor Gods” in the above pictures. they are Devotees to the gods.

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Wow! Look at K go! Nice job! LOL

Thanks, zac for that totally awesome information! You are a bastien of truth in this unruly world.

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Beavis says: FIRE! FIRE!

If two fo them slip and fall, they’ll be Beavis and Buttred

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Deprived of health insurance, Joe and Mike take the old-fashioned approach to removing corns and calluses.

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