Candidates, you do the math!

October 12, 2008

math-hand-160.jpgBlog Guy, areĀ all the campaign debates over with now?

Of course not, italic font-using stranger! As the photos show, both candidates are busy prepping for the crucial Math Debate. The format is, they hold up fingers to answer math questions like, “If you are counting on six states but your opponent seems to be taking five of them away from you, how many do you have left?

I had no idea! So that will be the last debate, then?

No, there’s still the one next week in which all of the questions must be answered in Turkish.

I didn’t even know the candidates spoke Turkish!

Oh, they don’t. It should be a doozy, huh?

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math-combo-300.jpgObama photos by REUTERS/Carlos Barria

McCain photos by REUTERS/Jim Young

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WOW I wonder what happens when they go past ten. Do we get to see their feet.

Posted by Douglas | Report as abusive

Nuke the entire world. It doesn’t matter who wins, they can’t clean up the mess that the Bush crime family got away with.

Besides, carnage creates jobs. I’ll tell ya, if I had to choose one way to go, it would be vaporization.

The one with the most toys WILL win.

Posted by Monica Lewinski | Report as abusive

It’s so funny

Posted by Lauren | Report as abusive

Turkish or not they still wont answer the questions!

Posted by bradford | Report as abusive

The candidates are both evil, one who can’t pass the security guidelines (Obama) and one who is George W’s second coming! (McCain)

Posted by Jean | Report as abusive

So Jean is still insisting Obama’s a muslim terrorist? Some people shouldn’t be allowed to leave their house, much less vote.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive