At this time, we will board all candidates…

October 20, 2008

Blog Guy, I love the way your blog offers tips to aspiring photojournalists. I’ve memorized your advice on shooting handshakes and shoes. What other elements make for a great political photo?


Stairs. If you are able to spot candidates climbing back onto their campaign plane, readers eat that up. I find roughly 8,500,000 tarmac stair-climbing photos from this campaign alone, and I’m thinking of publishing a coffee table book called, “Steps to the White House.”

Awesome! I bet that would sell a lot, and these examples are gripping and dramatic. But as important as the candidates are, isn’t there a way they could arrange for moving stairs to their planes at each stop?

Yes, they could. The legal term for having that in a contract is “escalation clause.”

You are  such a loser! That’s it, I’m never coming back here!

You’ll come back. They always come back.

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Above: Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain, his wife Cindy and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin wave from the top of the stairs of to their campaign plane, September 6, 2008.      REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Below: Combo of countless candidate stair-climbing photos by REUTERS

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What’s so remarkable about this? Political giants of this caliber are bound to attract stairs wherever they go!

…Oh… Um… Never mind.

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This is no fun.. I want to see pictures of candidates “tripping” on stairs. We can put them in a vid clip and call it America’s funniest stair videos.

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Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is noticeably absent from most stair shots; when asked why, she claimed to be afraid of the “glass ceiling” she hears most women encounter in corporate and government situations, and doesn’t want to mess up her hair.

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Mel -Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

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