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Campaign’s emotional baggage


Blog Guy, your recent posts about political coverage have been a virtual textbook for aspiring photojournalists, what with pieces on shooting shoes, handshakes, stair-climbing and what-not. What else makes for a great photo?

Luggage, for sure.

You mean like suitcases?

Yep, especially journalists’ suitcases. The public has an insatiable appetite for details of what kind of luggage we travel with, as you can see from these photos from yesterday.

Just look! Festive red ones, somber black ones, hard, soft…. I personally think we’ve kind of under-played the press luggage angle for this campaign, so these shots are a welcome change.

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Baggage belonging to the traveling press is laid out on the tarmac for a security sweep before loading onto Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s plane at Albuquerque Airport, October 26, 2008. REUTERS/Jason Reed

51 Ways to Leave Your Lover…


Congratulations, it’s your wedding day!

Sure, as the groom, you may have cold feet, it’s only natural. Like maybe you’re afraid to take the plunge because oh, let’s just say for instance you remembered you’re already married to someone else.

So on the morning of the wedding you go talk reasonably to your bride-to-be, or her parents, or your clergyman, right?

Scram! It’s Jeannie Lamborghini!


Note to TV producers: The bidding starts today on a new super-hit series. It’s an action cop show called Jeannie Lamborghini, and it’s all true. And by “all true,” I mean some of it is true.

The Italian police have their own Lamborghini sports car for police work. It can go 203 miles an hour, perfect for catching getaway cars that can only hit 200. It has gadgets galore, even a heart defibrillator, which of course will be used to zap street scum in every episode.