Sir, your glasses will be ready in 1162

November 3, 2008

Blog Guy, I saw some Reuters photos from a Japanese battle reenactment, with Yabusame archers and stuff. What made those guys so awesome?

For starters, as this historically accurate demo shows, way back in the 12th century these archers wore glasses. Without good eyewear, hitting a moving enemy with an arrow fired from a galloping steed is actually hard. Yabusame is Japanese for “Read these letters, starting with the top line.”

Cool! And what about those guys with the guns?

They were a potent fighting force with their muskets, called harquebus. When the gunpower ignited, it propelled a lead projectile three, maybe four feet before it dropped harmlessly to the ground.

That doesn’t sound so formidable to me.

You don’t understand. While the bullet itself was laughable, the gun had a kick you wouldn’t believe. This rifleman is actually fighting people BEHIND him. The gun will fly backwards, take out two or three of the enemy, and he’ll pull it back with that rope.

Do you really know anything about this at all?

Not much, but it’s good enough for Wikipedia.

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A mounted archer aims at a target from a galloping horse during the Yabusame Shinto ritual of the Autumn Grand Festival at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, November 3, 2008.

Participants fire harquebus at the festival.

REUTERS photos by Toru Hanai

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Your an Idiot

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The mind control powers of the Tomato Demon cannot even be fathomed….

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It should be noted that you did little more than mutilate the rules of English grammar in your attempts to point out that Rob is an “Idiot” for posting something humorous.

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“Your an Idiot” – STFU

Irony at its best.

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STFU, you have terrible grammar.

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you’re, you idiot

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Blog guy, do you like Dave Barry? Your writing reminds me of him [sorta].

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it does, especially the part about the gun. Its an easy writing style to copy, but a very funny one

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Dave Barry is the best. The gun gag is reminiscent.
ROFL @ ‘Your an idiot’ 😀
I is a genius!

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I would like to try that out…


Anedota fixes em

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Robyn, yes, it happens I’m a big Dave Barry fan.

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Looks like Halloween!

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Oh, be serious! It’s obvious they’re both just different ways of casting a 5th level Summon Anachronism!

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