Time for the cape escape, Lonnie!

November 3, 2008

Hello, and welcome back to a popular feature we like to call, “Things Maybe we should have Explained in the Caption, but Didn’t.”

The photo caption below says these guys are assistants, “preparing for a bullfight.”

It looks to me like they’re just guys in dumb hats chewing on fancy capes.

Oh, excuse me. I’ve just been informed they are positioning the capes so that if their boss gets the grande fling from the bull, they can disappear and not have to go in after him.

They instantly turn into two cape-covered dudes getting the hell out of Dodge without looking back. That makes perfect sense to me! Why didn’t we just say that in the first place?

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Mexico’s Lulu De La Vega is tackled by bull during bullfight in Lima, November 1, 2008.

Assistants prepare for bullfight in Lima, November 1, 2008.

REUTERS photos by Pilar Olivares

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The vet should have put one of those Elizabethan collars on them…

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Sometimes it is good for the bull wins to win the fight, even if he always loses the war…


Anedota fixes em http://kerorir.blogspot.com

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