Stop me if you’ve heard this joke!

November 4, 2008

Right, so the first chap says, “Knock-knock,” and then the other fellow says to his butler, “Go and see who that is…”

No, hang on, that’s not right. The fellow shouts, “I say, who is there?”

Well no, actually the chap must get up and walk from his library to the door in order to shout through it, if you see what I’m saying.

So then, the fellow – you haven’t already heard this one, have you? He says, “It’s Archie!” And then the chap says, “Which Archie?” Now here’s the jolly good bit…

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Above: Britain’s Prince Charles in Japan, October 27, 2008. REUTERS/Toru Hana

Below: Prince Charles arrives at a Muslim boarding school in Yogyakarta November 4, 2008. Prince Charles is in Yogyakarta as part of a five-day visit to Indonesia. REUTERS/Dwi Oblo

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Could he possibly be any whiter?

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why did i read that? somebody shoot me now

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I like jokes, but I’ve been had.

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