Another can of hairspray, Stumpy!

November 7, 2008

Blog Guy, now that our election is over, I need a political fix. What are some interesting parties to watch?

I like the guys in these photos. They’re an opposition faction in Egypt, and I just call them the Genius Party. You can spot them using aerosol cans to spray fire.

Awesome. What are their beliefs?

Apparently they believe fire spray is a good thing to use against sturdy iron gates, in broad daylight.

That’s quite interesting. How can you tell the members if you see them?

Many of them have just one arm, and badly singed hair. They also walk around with conspicuous battering rams sticking out of their trousers.

And if I’m over there and I spot one of them, what do I call him?

Most of them will answer to Stumpy, Stumpman, Dr. Stumpenstein, stuff like that.

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Supporters of a rival faction of the opposition Ghad party in Cairo November 6, 2008. The “Ghad” party offices in Cairo were subsequently burned down, with the groups trading accusations as to the cause of the fire. REUTERS/Stringer

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Can you help me? I locked my keys in my apartment.

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That is just stupid…


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