Mr. Obama, we’re worried about your daughter!

November 8, 2008

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Obama:

Thank you for stopping by the parent-teacher conference.

I’m sorry to have to report that while she is very bright, your daughter seems to be living in her own fantasy world. She has told the class that her father is going to be President, and that she is moving to the White House. Oh sure, and I’m Rumpelstiltskin!

Some of her classmates seem to believe her, although of course I discourage them. As if that President concoction isn’t bad enough, she even says she was onstage with Bruce Springsteen!

Sorry to have to tell you this, and I’m sure the school psychologist can help her. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the flowers, Mrs. Obama. When’s the last time anybody gave you ROSES?

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President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle (R) leave the University of Chicago Lab School after a parent-teacher conference in Chicago, November 7, 2008.  REUTERS/John Gress

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Private school for them public hell for the rest of the kids in Chicago.

Posted by Jim Mcfalls | Report as abusive

Really good story!! It sounds like a fairy tale.
Best regards!

Posted by armstrongfl | Report as abusive

While I understand that public school is not the best education, can you imagine how awful it would be for the other students if the Obama children were in their school? FBI agents would be everywhere, constant monitoring everywhere the girls went, every time there was a school event the Obama children wanted to attend, everyone would be screened by agents, etc. I think the kids attending school with the Obama children are going to have it tough so perhaps it’s a blessing if the girls go to private school.

Posted by Chandra | Report as abusive

What a waste of a story.

Posted by Bethany | Report as abusive

Why does Mrs. Obama look as if she works for UPS?

Posted by Danika | Report as abusive

You mean to tell us that they built a private school just for the Obama girls? Not one other student attends? That’s outrageous.

Posted by tjlogic | Report as abusive

Just think, somewhere someone is wiping the tears from their eyes as they finish reading this waste of space article. But because of PE Obama’s current position of Messiah, I guess we need to get used to fluff pieces like this. I can’t wait to see the polling numbers on their possible hypo-allergenic dogs! I’ll bet you they get way more press than his upcoming choice for Secretary of the Interior does.

Posted by Bill R | Report as abusive

I think this is really wonderful. Here this guy has just been elected President of the United States…he’s soon to be the most powerful man in the world…and he and his wife are attending a parent/teacher conference. They have so much on their plates, but those kids get their time and attention. You can’t ask for more.

As for Private vs Public…it would be a nightmare for the school system if they went to public school. This is not about elitism, it’s about practicality…this is the family of our President. We ask everything of him and his family. Their lives become impossible. We should appreciate their service and cut them a break…Period.

Posted by PHM1949 | Report as abusive

Obama rode around looking like a mafia leader with gunmen in SUVS just to lift weights. But wants the world to know he doesn’t believe weapons should be used carlessly. Some of you are in a coma and don’t even notice.

Posted by ENOUGH | Report as abusive

While, I am sure the word will get out, believe it is irresponsible for the press to report the name of the school where the children of the next President of the United States attend.


Posted by William | Report as abusive

Lets hope he learned from the results of the $160 million the he helped get for Aires and the Chicago schools. The fact that it did not help the students at according to Univ. of Chicago will be forgotten. df
My guess he will just think it was great and try and do it again.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Did any one bother one way or another before he was elected or scrutinized?

They are parents who chose to place their students where they placed them – this is American and people are free to choose the school their children attend – lest we forget the “voucher” and “charter school” movement – often advocated by the conservative populous.

Also this section of Reuters is called “Oddly Enough” – the news printed here is not “Front page” news – though it would be humorous if some of the stories were.

Posted by Henry Ho | Report as abusive

Mr.Enough,your comment about misuse of guns makes no sense. He is our President and needs to be protected to the fullest extent. Just because he is president elect there is no reason for “that one” to abandon his regular activities. Is he supposed to sit at home and do nothing.
Obama is our president so deal with it.

Posted by Aydin | Report as abusive

Over the course of the campaign, I have read a lot of comments on a lot of sites, mostly places like CNN and USAToday and their fellow news publishers. The one thing that clearly stands out is how many people out there could stand a bit more education.

There are many people absolutely clueless as to what government does or how it works and yet they feel compelled to contribute their two cents. Maybe if they had had parents who placed them in schools more suited to their special abilities…

I will graduate from college in May with a BS in computer science and then I will be heading to grad school. I am 43 years old. If I can do it, anyone can. I begrudge no one an education, no matter where they go, can afford to go, or are sent by their parents.

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

The guy who signed himself “Enough” doesn’t seem to think Obama doesn’t need men with gunns to surround him?

Mavbe “Enough” forgot that right-wingers just Love to shoot liberals ( civil-rights workers/leaders, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, MLK jr. ) and were calling for Obama’s death at McCain rallies.

And who wouldn’t send there kid to the best possible school if they has the money?

Posted by Ninure | Report as abusive

As real as it gets.

This country made (literally) the right choice.

Posted by Toki | Report as abusive

There are some Americans here who are wishing the worst for Obama even if it means for USA to be in ruins just because the half wit candidate they supported did not win this election

Posted by Kaiser | Report as abusive

Attending your child’s parent teacher conferance is something we all do. No big surprise. Silly to say we made the right choice JUST because they went!

What I enjoy most from all from the political stories on oddly enough is noting the ‘spin’ commentors put on everything according to their party.

It’s really quite amazing how different the same picture can be from opposite sides of the fence 😉

Posted by Christa | Report as abusive

Most of you people sound like petulant sore losers. Grow up and get over the fact that your party is no longer in control. It’s happened before and will happen again, deal with your own entitlement issues and stop blaming someone who hasn’t even taken office yet for all the problems in this country.

Posted by Johelia | Report as abusive

Maybe they just wanted a autograph from the president…


Posted by Um Nome | Report as abusive

More liberal fawning. Get ready for four years of it, non-stop. The Anointed One and his family can do no wrong.

Posted by ndm | Report as abusive

I’m just wondering who the intern will be this time and what brand of cigars…

Posted by Curious George | Report as abusive

To ninur,

You stated,
“Mavbe “Enough” forgot that right-wingers just Love to shoot liberals ( civil-rights workers/leaders, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X, MLK jr. ) ”

I hate to tell you this, but JFK was killed by a communist sympathiser(leftist)
The civil rights workers were normally killed by the Klan. The KKK was started as a terrorist org of the democratic party and is pretty much filled with southern democrats.

Posted by Bob Bobberson | Report as abusive

I am and have been for Obama for quite some time, however, I do not think McCain is a half-wit except for his choice for VP. I think either of them would have been at least reasonably ok Presidents, but I believe McCain would not have been our President for very long, and then Palin would have been our President, which scares the hell out of me!

Posted by obama supporter | Report as abusive

I have said this before and will have to say it again, I guess. In case you hadn’t noticed, all you people acting like this is real news, this is a humorous site, it is supposed to be funny and some of us do find it funny or at least amusing. Please, if you have no sense of humor, go elsewhere for your news, or at least keep your comments to your selves. So, Bill R, enough, ndm, go away and let us enjoy our little laughs. We get so few of them anymore.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

Is it better to have your president spend 8 years murdering the English language and constantly appear on late night blooper reels. It is a welcome change to have an educated person in the white house. Loosing sucks huh, maybe you should pray to Jesus about it.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Oh yeh Baby!!!
So just get over it!

Posted by glorious | Report as abusive