My blind date with Lady Death…

November 11, 2008

So, Patti, we finally meet! I must say you look different from your Internet photo, but I guess everybody touches up their picture a little, don’t they?

We could have gotten together sooner, but since you have this thing about only going out at night… Amazing that you work all day long, seven days a week. Bummer!

May I say how nice your hair looks, even though, you know, it seems to be drawn on with a Magic Marker. Somebody did a great job of staying in the lines!

I ordered you shrimp scampi. It’s their specialty here, and… Oh. Allergic to garlic? Sorry.

Look Patti, I’ll be frank here. I like you, you like me, why don’t we go back to your place? True Blood is on HBO tonight… Should we stop for some food? Oh, you already did? Say, you’re quite a catch!

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A model presents a creation of Bosnian designer Haad in Tirana during Albania Fashion Week, November 8, 2008 REUTERS/Arben Celi

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Was there really a point to this? Only to prove your own stupidity by showing any kind of faith in the internet? I say you lucky it wasn’t a guy.

Posted by NotVeryIntellegent | Report as abusive

I am just sorry I clicked on the link. I thought it was a blog on a real date.

Posted by ReallyNow | Report as abusive

This date sphinx.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

I find it both surprising and sad that this makes news on a major website in a country where millions suffer or die every year because they don’t have blood for a necessary transfusion.

Funny, isn’t it?

Posted by JellyWheat | Report as abusive

Jellywheat needs a jelly donut and a chill pill. Funny, isn’t it?

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

that looks like a snake…


Anedotas e muito humor em

Posted by UmNome | Report as abusive

She’s kind of hot, but I still don’t understand the purpose of this posting. Can anyone help out on this one?

Posted by Rev | Report as abusive

I think I know what’s going on. There is this small group of amnesiacs who keep forgetting they’ve already looked at this blog, discovered they have no sense of humor and decided to tell you about it. They are also apparently internet-illiterate and don’t know that what they are looking at is supposed to be funny.

Posted by Mary K | Report as abusive

Thank you Mary K, you said it very well, this is a humorous blog, not the news, not serious stories, just a little bit of fun. And JellyWheat, lighten up honey, we all need some laughter and amusment even if we live “in a country where millions suffer or die every year because they don’t have blood necessary for a transfusion” (although what that really has to do with this posting I am not sure)

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

is very beautiful photo

Posted by armandi | Report as abusive