Is that Obama in a mullet haircut?

November 14, 2008

Blog Guy, please continue answering questions about photojournalism. I was wondering, what do photographers do when people they cover are out of sight?

Good question! They shoot pictures of each other trying to shoot pictures, like these guys trailing President-elect Barack Obama. These are always popular shots.

But why are they trying so hard?

I gather there’s a serious shortage of Obama photos, despite the fact that we’ve taken roughly 720 million pictures of him this month alone. See, there is always a chance he’s changed his appearance. You know, a mullet haircut, a tattoo, a handlebar mustache, some of those plastic hillbilly teeth

You spend millions of dollars just waiting for Barack Obama in plastic hillbilly teeth?

Hey, pal, back off! When YOU’RE the shooter who gets those hillbilly teeth in your zoom lens, you’ll understand what it’s all about!

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Photographers traveling in the motorcade of President-elect Barack Obama try in vain to get a glimpse of him from inside their vehicle at a stop in Chicago November 13, 2008. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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I love this blog. Comments by Bandage and Dr Doll are very funny too. Where are you guys?

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Back off, Bob. If Obama gets on the bus those guys have perfect position.

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

Can I get one of those Obama smoking shots you guys – well the powers that be – have CENSORED! ?
I thought that was amazing – even as he was “quitting” and Chris Matthews asked him how it was going – the fawning media never gave us a single shot of him with his ciggie fired up…
Goebbels is proud – and OUTDONE.

Posted by SiliconDoc | Report as abusive

Is this someone pretending to be Reuters?! Because otherwise, when did it acquire such a sense of humour?!!!!! I love this. I am hooked. You win.

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