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November 19, 2008

George, I brought you a special gift. Italy’s greatest piece of literature, “The Divine Comedy.”

Hey thanks, Silvio! I love comedies. I’ll read it during the meeting this afternoon.

Um, it’s not really a comedy, George. It’s all about different sections of  Hell, and what politicians are there.

Politicians in Hell? It can’t be a true story!

It’s an allegory, George.

Oh, man, I hear you. My allegories start up every spring, as soon as that pollen hits the air.

Oh George, you fooled me again!

Thanks, you’ve been a wonderful audience. I’ll be here until January 20!

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President George W. Bush leads Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi into the G20 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy in Washington, November 15, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Young

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“That? Oh, that’s my ‘to do’ list before January. Laura keeps telling me that naps don’t really count but the only other thing I keep hearing is everyone whispering about a lame duck running around the White House. I’m not supposed to handle those things, am I?”

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