Have you seen a limousine?

November 29, 2008

Blog Guy, I continue to read all of your posts about photojournalism. I’ve mastered your stuff on shooting groups, luggage, shoes, handshakes and stairs. What else makes for great news photography?

Well, now we’re into the stuff that only a handful of the best shooters know, but I think you’re ready.

I’m SO excited! Hit me!

Start snapping politicians getting out of limos.

You’re serious?

I’m always serious. Look, readers want to know if politicians use the door, or wriggle out through the sunroof or what. Plus, when you have enough folks coming through car doors, you can do a combo, like this one showing every man in Germany.

Awesome! It kind of looks like the opening credits of that TV show “Entourage.”

Yeah? Then they stole it from ME!

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Then-candidate Barack Obama steps out of his car alongside secret service agents in Canton, Ohio, October 27, 2008. REUTERS/Jason Reed

Combination photo shows German state prime ministers of the conservative Christian Democratic Union party arriving in Berlin, November 26, 2008.  REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

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“That’s right folks, it’s the Back Seat Crapper!”

{insert theme music}

“No longer do you have to search for a rest stop on the freeway or hear, “He’s full of it” while walking into your appointed position.”

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There’s big money to be made there, obviously, teaching these guys how to do it elegantly – maybe one of those people who teach finishing-school girls how to get out of sports cars without showing their knickers might like the job…

Posted by Louise | Report as abusive

really luxury ground transportation this. like it

Posted by kashifsharjeel | Report as abusive

Their is nobody who could even stop them from making big money. That is why they are in power and that lobby will always have their members in it.


Posted by pinkpanther435 | Report as abusive

welll if they make big money, they also spend big money , like on Limousines.

Posted by pinkpanther435 | Report as abusive

They will always rule the world!!!any doubt??


Posted by pinkpanther435 | Report as abusive

It is a tough job to capture a image from the distance and to add on politicians just steeping out of their cars with all of the security around them.

http://www.motorhunter.net/usedcarsforsa le/used_cars.php

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