Selling cars to insensitive jerks!

December 7, 2008

Nobody has ever accused me of being a real sensitive guy or too politically correct or anything, but…

Check out this sad photo from a car show in Germany, where some imbecile has used overweight models with the slogan, “HOT CARS DON’T NEED HOT GIRLS.” You suppose he’s proud of himself?

The really scary thing about it is, the t-shirts and signs at this GERMAN show are in ENGLISH! Did market research find that the most loutish demographic on the face of the Earth is English-speakers who attend German auto shows?

“Woo-hoo! The neanderthals are here, Günther! Bring out those roly-poly gals and the English signs with the one-syllable words!”

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Models pose with cars during a press presentation prior to the Essen Motor Show in Essen, Germany, November 28, 2008. REUTERS/ Ina Fassbender

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I’m not sure why Germans often use English or Americanisms. When I lived in Augsburg, the clubs all had English/American names: The Madhouse, The Circus, The Golden Girl. One of my fonder memories there is the night my friends and I were thrown out of The Golden Girl. Fonder memories are all the nights we were never thrown out of The Madhouse!

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No…hot cars don’t need hot girls. However, hot cars don’t need big freaking dents in the hood because Big Helga was trying to be seductive either….

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What a lame book, this blog is a poor attempt at advertising a poor product.

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Helga’s not being seductive! She’s entranced by the polka snack vendor making his rounds.

To the lilting strains of accordions in the background, he plies, “Achtung, blume wenig, some sauerbraten for you? Ve haf vonderful ginger snap gravy! Cheese on your spaetzle? Sum brats mit fried potatoes?

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Hot cars don’t need hot girls, that’s clear… In this case, though, they’d need an oversized cooling system to help the engine cope with the added weight of seductive Helga while trying to go quick! Or, better yet, an oversized engine would probably be better for that purpose… as in a big diesel thing, not unlike the ones they put on bulldozers

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whats not hot about them.. id skip buying a new car and go straight for the mating…

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Perhaps if they were advertising for Hummer, then we’d need not worry about them damaging the merchandise….or would we!

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