Great dress! Are your lips bleeding?

December 8, 2008

Blog Guy, you write about fashion, but who’s your favorite designer?

Oh, that would be Daria Kostenko, for sure!

What is it you like about her? The lines of her creations? The bold colors? The daring fabrics?

Nah, I like that she has a sense of humor. I made jokes about her stuff last year, when she put garlic in her models’ hair, and not only did she play along, now she’s back for more!

I notice that one model didn’t finish putting on her shirt.

Yes, Daria says she left off the blouse so people would notice the pleats in the jeans. Of course, that’s dumb. Where do you think people are REALLY going to look?

Did you see all of her models seem to have roses in their mouth?

Yes, like the finest velvet art!

How did that work out for her?

I suspect all those thorns caused heavy bleeding from lips and gums, and that by the end of the show they were probably slipping and sliding in the blood. I figure next year she’ll be back with the garlic in the hair.

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Photographs courtesy of Daria Kostenko.

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Is that guy in the middle wearing Jerry Seinfeld’s puffy shirt. Aargh, matey!

Posted by Tim Z | Report as abusive

I refuse to pay money for an ensemble that requires me to support my own boobs.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Egad, Robert! These photos are obviously the Bucharest audition for Westworld 2009. Note the flat, expressionless faces on these androids. You can’t expect a bot to walk and chew gum simultaneously. However, clenching something in the mouth while walking is a good indicator of adaptability. Droids don’t need hemoglobin or oxygen transport. Hence, the roses – without blood oozing from the mouths or lips.

K- Imagine the fun you could have with that ensemble at a party. You could draft 2 or 3 young studs to follow you around with your plate and punch, periodically feeding you morsels, providing the occasional sip of liquid intoxicant, slapping the inevitable mashers…

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

And yet, another article about a fashion show in a section where it doesn’t belong.

Posted by Dunge | Report as abusive

Now see, this confuses me. If it’s not your blog, how are you able to say fashion stuff doesn’t belong here? I’d say if you don’t want to see dumb fashions, then you’re in the wrong blog.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive