Hold my bomb while I find my matches, pal!

December 15, 2008

I’ve blogged before about how today’s protesters just don’t seem to be as dedicated as they were back in the day. I’m starting to think they’re not as bright as they used to be, either.

This anarchist is making a Molotov cocktail, a basic tool of the anarchy game. But then, in the bottom photo, he HANDS the fricking thing to a SECURITY GUARD, to be passed along to an ambassador, who’s supposed to give it to protesters in Greece!

There is so much wrong with that, I don’t know where to begin!

“Lonnie, don’t forget to tell the ambassador to keep this thing upright. Maybe put in some extra gas, in case it leaks out in his suitcase.

“Ask the guard when he thinks this will be delivered. And Lonnie, don’t give him your real name. We don’t want them to suspect us.”

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Anarchist supporter prepares Molotov cocktail during demonstration in front of Greek Embassy in Kiev, December 15, 2008. The explosive was supposed to be given to the Greek Ambassador to Ukraine to pass it over to protesters in Greece.

Anarchist supporter tries to hand Molotov cocktail to security guards.

REUTERS photos by Konstantin Chernichkin

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I just hope he had sense enough to drink the beer and not just dump it out before making the Molotov cocktail. In this global recession, the last thing we can afford is unnecessary waste.

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The real problem is, he is obviously giving the cocktail as a gift, but he didn’t include any matches. That’s as bad as giving a Christmas gift without including the batteries. It’s just inconsiderate. I’m just saying.

Posted by Barbara | Report as abusive

I wonder if the petrol that went into that bomb was originally russian, as I suspect. If it so, then that’s got to be one of the funniest “globalisation/Anti-globalisation” paradoxes ever: an Ukranian anarchist sending a Molotov cocktail made with Russian petrol on a Danish beer bottle to Greek protesters, trhough diplomatic channels… priceless!

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