Odd Blog best of 2008: Stupid stuff kept on coming!

December 16, 2008

It was a great year for really stupid stuff. Absurdity and irony abounded, and traffic to the Oddly Enough blog was measured in the millions. We asked a bunch of famous people their opinion of Oddly Enough, and the satisfaction in their faces here is all the reward this simple, honest blogger needs.

Here are two top ten lists for 2008. The first were your ten favorite posts.

Below that, I’m offering my own favorite ten for the year, like anybody cares.

Readers’ top ten favorites

10. You’re kind of a quiet guy, huh?

9. Somebody! Help me take this thing off!

8. We’re worried about your daughter

7. And the fastest-growing stupid sport is…

6. I wish to file for 82 divorces, please!

5. Sarah, time for another big hug!

4. That just seems creepy!

3. Oh sure, Mom, you saw WHO?

2 Toss another noun on the noun, mate!

1. When models dress themselves

Blog Guy’s own top ten favorites

10. Hooray for the red, white and bleu!

9. Politics 2008: the MONSTER movie!

8. Grandma, here’s your pail of Blackberries!

7. Do you have the May issue of Nose-Picker?

6. It’s like surf ‘n’ turf in a bag!

5.Sound of Music Sequel: Nun with a Gun!

4.Hey! Are you wearin’ Lollipop’s underpants?

3.Please look at me, senator!

2.What? You’ve never seen underwear?

1.I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress!

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Blog Guy, your picks are way better than our picks.

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Hey, #2 on our list is mislinked…

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Thanks for spotting, Sherry. It’s fixed now.

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