Hail to the chief?

December 27, 2008

Blog Guy, I see President-elect Obama is vacationing in Hawaii. Do taxpayers have to pay to fly a bunch of limousines over there to drive him around?

I don’t believe so. I saw a picture of him hailing a taxi at the airport.

The president-elect rides in a cab?

Well, I’m pretty sure he gets to expense the cost, as long as he gets a receipt:

Okay pal, we’re here. That’ll be an extra buck for your suitcase. ”

“Actually, driver, it’s not a suitcase, it’s the nuclear football, in case I have to nuke some country.”

“Hey sport, call it whatever you want, but it’s gonna be another dollar…”

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President-elect Barack Obama waves with his daughter Sasha after arriving for a vacation over the Christmas holidays in Honolulu, Hawaii, December 20, 2008. REUTERS photos by Hugh Gentry

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Jeeez Robert. I swear, sometimes, you are such a douche! Barak doesn’t get the football until after the inauguration. And, then, he’ll also inherit some Chairforce colonel to carry the damn thing.

What he’s carrying, and won’t let go of, is his Apple laptop case. It’s a good thing he’s got at least an hour or so of battery power since Oahu’s power is out. It might be catastrophic if he were cut off from email, Flicker, Diggit, etc.

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

Nuclear football sounds very new!!Its really nice to see President-elect Obama vacationing in Hawaii.

The moral of the Secret Service protective team assigned to the new President has improved greatly. Now they won’t have to go to blazing hot Texas when the president wants to go home. They will either freeze their bottoms off in Chicago or go to paradise.

Posted by John Duncan Yoyo | Report as abusive

At least when they give Obama the nuclear football he’ll be able to pronounce it correctly. A nice change. On a side note, as a hockey only fan “nuclear football” sounds like a great idea, fumble the ball or miss a pass and BAM you’re done. Way more exciting than the NFL as it is now.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive

Gawd! How silly of me. How could I ever forget? The nucular football won’t be basking under a Texican sun any longer…

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive