From Sarah Palin to the jacuzzi floozy!

December 29, 2008

I understand this is a tad anticlimactic, since we’ve already announced this blog’s most popular posts for all of 2008.

But for you folks who wager on the best of the month, and you know who you are, these were the five most popular posts for December.

Naturally I was disappointed that my post on tipping your favorite bloggers wasn’t in the top five, but the readers have spoken.

Happy New Year to all, and please remember: friends don’t let friends not read this blog!

5. Trust me, you don’t wanna see this…

4. A large coffee and 60 drums of Napalm, please!

3. Your call is important to us…

2. Palin’s a MAVRIK! What’s that?

1. Revenge of the jacuzzi floozy!

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Paris Hilton: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Sarah Palin: REUTERS/Hans Deryk

Britney Spears: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Jacuzzi model: REUTERS/Mihai Barb

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To associate Sarah Palin with these three dimwits, even loosely (which this is not) once again betrays the media bias. Where is the blog post associating Michelle Obama with militant black women? Hmmm, I haven’t seem that yet…I wonder why. Maybe it’s because the hidden message is that it’s OK to bash and belittle conservatives and their ideals, but any good liberal knows not to question other liberals. That’s true tolerance for you. Welcome to the new USSR.

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