Don’t make me take this tape off, punk!

December 30, 2008

Blog Guy, I know we equip our police with the best weapons over here, but there must be other places where police have to make do with inferior arms?

Sure. You take the Philippines. They can’t afford guns with a fancy safety on them, so they cover their barrels with masking tape in case they go off accidentally.

Wait a second. Wouldn’t any bullet just go right through the tape?

Ah, good point. I’m going to change my answer. They put the tape over the muzzle when they’re going to interrogate a suspect.

Um, why would they do that?

The police have been told they should always get their confessions on tape.

Cripes! You’re a hopeless moron!

Oh yeah? Well, the REAL reason for the tape is even weirder. Read the actual caption below.

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Police cover firearm muzzles with tape at a police headquarters in Manila, December 27, 2008. Police have been taping the muzzles to monitor who discharges firearms during revelry as New Year’s Day approaches and stray bullets often cause deaths. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

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Wait… so… Wait, so telling them they might accidentally kill someone isn’t enough to prevent them shooting the gun? Are these cops or Mexican bandits?

Posted by bandage | Report as abusive

Those Manila police might do funny things with their guns, but I sure love their ice cream. Napoleon too!

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Um… If the gun went off accidentally, couldn’t they just put more tape over the end?

Posted by Bert | Report as abusive

Re: the bottom picture. “So, while I’m taping the end of this gun barrel you DON’T want to put your finger on the trigger. Hey, I said DON’T!” Please oh please I hope that gun isn’t loaded she’s taping up.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

Everything’s cool until after you take off the masking tape. Then you have that sticky goo on the barrel of the gun, which in turn sticks to the foreheads of everyone you threaten later. Sheesh.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Hey Brian- Philopigo Policeman #1’s finger is not on the trigger, unless the guns they’re using have a new style of trigger guard that actually functions as the trigger. Oh yeah, and shooting off guns on new years (in a safe direction of course) is a whole lot safer than blowing up cheap fireworks, or the favorite American past time of trying to avoid the police and telephone poles on the old ‘double visioned’ drive home.

Posted by Rickross | Report as abusive

I live in Tennessee and lots of us shoot our guns into the air at midnight on New Years with never an incident of injury.
That being said year before last I talked my brother into going to a big tadoo in Knoxville not knowing he brought his 38 and when he fired that thing on market street you should have seen the comotion.

Posted by Jim McFalls | Report as abusive

In Georgia, guns fired into the air kill people every year. Maybe those bullets from Tennessee are coming down here.

Seriously, though — don’t Tennesseeans realize that a bullet going up doesn’t just vanish? It comes down again.

Posted by mc | Report as abusive

Lotsa luck Georgia I have been hit by falling shotgun pellets and it hurts no more than hail.

If somebody gets killed by a bullet it was not shot into the air; watch Myth Busters.

Posted by Jim McFalls | Report as abusive