Send your kid to Cruel School!

January 2, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m very worried. Our teenage son seems to enjoy torturing animals, especially when lots of people are watching. Should we send him to a psychiatrist?

Hold on, it sounds like he may have natural talent as a bullfighter. HaveĀ  you considered sending him to a bullfighting school?

You mean they actually TEACH bullfighting to young people?

Of course! What did you think, they just grab grown-up sickos off the street and shove them into a bull ring?

Would he have to wear those silly outfits and dumb-looking bullfighter hats?

Sure. That’s what helps make bullfighting the great sport that it is.

Are you familiar with any of the schools?

No, but I have contributed heavily to a different school, to teach young bulls how to defend themselves. I hope your son grows up to meet one of our graduates.

Bullfighter school slideshow

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Bullfighting pupils perform at an international meeting of bullfighter schools at the Arruda dos Vinhos arena in Portugal, December 26, 2008.

REUTERS photos by Jose Manuel Ribeiro

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Torturing small animals is the first sign of a psychotic killer when he grows up,

Posted by MIke | Report as abusive

Yeah, but a psychotic woman torturing a baby bull???

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

Oddly enough has really hit the tank now. With all of the strife in our world today, I look to Oddly Enough for some leveity, not politicism. Yes, in America we view bullfighting as a barbaric pastime, but now I see that “journalism” is the real barbarism in our life. I am removing “Oddly Enough” from my Google page.

Posted by Chuck Replogle | Report as abusive

Mike, please save your drugstore psychology diagnoses. What else are you going to drop from your Time-Life education? Bedwetting and pyromania?

Oversimplification is not welcome in the field.

Posted by Dr. Fell | Report as abusive

Send them to military school.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

I can’t begin to express how serious this is. This is a child who’s filled with anger. It’s also possible that he’s a sociopath. This child should be in treatment and the parents need to be in counseling too, especially if they haven’t got a clue as to why this is happening. It’s possible this child needs to be removed from the home he’s in. This is a very sick child.

Posted by Dolmance | Report as abusive

Lots of kids kill animals, especially in rural areas. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will be psychotic killers, as my boyfriend was a coon-killing little country boy. He’s a graphic designer now! Perhaps they’re not mean, but just curious.

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

Hey Dolmance… it’s a joke. Don’t take these blog entries so seriously.

Posted by anonymous | Report as abusive

Dolmance, this is traditional bullfighting not capturing and torturing the neighbors cat, huge difference. While some may think bullfighting is cruel it is not a sign of future psychosis. It would be much easier to subdue that bull if they had a Bovine Coiler.

Posted by Eric H | Report as abusive


You need to look up the word “cruel.” It’s not that some people think bull fighting is cruel, it in fact IS cruel. Sanctioned cruelty to animals is a sign of an uncivilized society. Not to mention a complete lack of compassion. It shows a frighteningly profound lack of regard for a sentient creature’s suffering and death. All in the name of “tradition.” Sick.

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

I have finally seen the light and now realize that we should not take the lives of fellow creatures. That is why I am going to start an organization to save creatures that I have killed for years, and actually have thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I know that I am not alone. So, now, I hope you will all join me in repopulating these creatures seven-fold. Let us: “Save the Bacteria!”

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

I work and live on a working farm. I have to slaughter, kill, and put down animals all the time. I also have a hunting training school I run to teach how to track and kill, cleanly, wild game. Does this make me some sort of Psycho in your eyes?

If so, please stop eating any meat. Make sure you are using only chemical based fertilizers (as most organics or chemical free are made with the remains of killed animals, from turkeys to horses). Please invest heavilly in land so that you can farm or ranch without animal by products. Please stop using soaps and cleanser as they have anmal by products, or were tested on live animals for chemical / allergenic reactions (what do you think hypo-allergenic means?).

Put me out of the business of killing, and in some cases, torturing animals. I will seek psychiatric help; you make sure I can kill no more.

Posted by Farm Boy | Report as abusive

Happy new year, everyone! My best wish for this new year is we all develop a little more HUMOUR and learn to laugh and be amused even by things we take seriously! LIke this blog, for instance!

Posted by M | Report as abusive

I think there is nothing to smile at-
seeing scenes like these
phsyco or not phsyco
and I think there is a great difference
between beeing cruel to animals or eating animals,
anyway I do not eat meat and I’m very kind with any kind of animals
and I really suffer seeing people laughing seeing an idiot like that injuring a poor babybull!
I’m really surprised that a blog about ‘oddly-enough’ could publish such cruel things against animals considering animals as idiot stuffs, sorry for my poor english.

Posted by Biancaneve | Report as abusive

Seriously… lighten up everyone. We need to be able to shed anything in a humerous light, even cruelty and death, lest it consume us.

Posted by Light Hearted | Report as abusive

Qh yes i agree i adore to laugh, but not about violence against animals.
There is no place ‘to shed it in a humorous light’ as you say,
cruelty and death are not arguguments to treat for laughing in a funny ‘oddly-enough’ blog like this,
or at the same level we can laugh at the death and torture of a child or to a
violence against a woman,
and this is retoric i know,
but animals are defenceless and they need to be respected
at the same level as a human beein is respected and nobody should smile
about violence agaist children or women

Posted by biancaneve | Report as abusive