Herb! Watch out for his… Oh, never mind!

January 16, 2009

Quick quiz: Looking through the Weekend Entertainment section of your local newspaper, which of these festivals could be fun?

a) The Apple Picking Festival

b) The Cherry Blossom Festival

c) The Cute Puppy and Kitten Adoption Festival

d) The Fire-Snorting Wild Bull-Taming Festival

Yeah, I’d have to say all of them could be neat except for that last one.

Just for starters, it doesn’t look like the bulls fully understand that their purpose here is to be tamed.

In fact, it looks to me like they chose the Send Humans to the Hospital Festival, from their Weekend Entertainment section. Which, if you’re a bull, could probably be lots of fun!

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Villagers try to control a bull during a bull-taming festival on the outskirts of Madurai town, India, January 15, 2009. REUTERS/Babu

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Well, if I hadn’t seen the picture myself, I would think it was a lot of bull. Now I see that it was only just one. Must have been a short festival.

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

I think that guy under the bull is going quickly going to find out what the festival really is: a nice steamy pie of…well, you know..

Posted by Ouch | Report as abusive

I can understand why people in remote Indian villages do things like this. I don’t think they have Direct TV to keep them occupied. Lack of TV makes humans do the craziest things!

Posted by Stella Cadente | Report as abusive

Sadly, the fact that there are so many humans who attempt these sorts of things is testament to the fact that our race has far to go to climb out of the primitive if not savage level of its development along the lines of evolution.

Posted by marmad | Report as abusive