Just slop it on! We’re movin’ in tomorrow!

January 19, 2009

Blog Guy, have the Obamas moved all their stuff into the White House family quarters yet?

Hardly. They have to fix the place up first, and the president-elect is still painting the walls, putting up curtain and so on. Plus, some of the items from Ikea didn’t come with the right little-bitty screws, so it’s been a big mess.

Really? The Obamas have to do all that themselves?

Well yeah! Who do you think is gonna do it? George and Laura?

Hmm. That’s strange. I’m surprised to see that big EXIT sign above a door.

Why? A president has to know the way out, just like everybody else.

If you weren’t such a Washington insider, I’d be pretty suspicious of all this.

Hey, if you can’t trust a blogger, who can you trust?

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President-elect Barack Obama paints a room in Sasha Bruce House, an emergency shelter for teens in Washington January 19, 2009.  REUTERS/Jim Young

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Actually, that exit sign looks like it’s above a window, not a door. That’s interesting. This is a teen shelter. Wouldn’t a lot of these teens have started out by using the window as an exit?

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I just pray to “God” that he can do half as much as he says he wants to do!

Posted by jamc | Report as abusive

Can a new president actually redecorate the “White House” to his taste? what about the “Oval Office?”

Posted by jamc | Report as abusive

Can a new president actually redecorate the “White House” to his (or her) taste? What about the “Oval Office?”

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

The President (he or she) can do whatever they like. Why…Cause (he or she) can!

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