Donate to a White House garage!

January 23, 2009

Friends, I’ve never asked you for money for a charity, but I’ve never been this outraged before!

The actual caption for this photo says the new presidential limo “sits in front of the White House.”

Well, that’s just tacky! You know who parks in front of their house? Folks who can’t afford a garage, or even a carport.

Let’s get that limo off the street! Please join me in raising enough money to build a real two-car garage for the nation’s most famous home. I’d like to get enough to include remote-control garage doors, too!

Send whatever you can afford, to “A First Garage for the First Family.”

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The new presidential limo for President Barack Obama sits in front of the White House in Washington January 22, 2009. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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The white house doesn’t have a garage because it is kept at a secret location with guarded security.

Posted by randy | Report as abusive

What a bunch of hobos presidents are! I think if they can afford to make a house that big it should have atleast 5 or 6 garages.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

Maybe there is a garage, but it is full of toys and junk like so many garages across the country.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

maybe george took the garage door opener with him and they cant get in

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

If Obama needs a garage, he should have thought about that before spending $170 million on a party! This country is in turmoil and he spent that kind of money for a party….RIDICULOUS!!!

Posted by Cristina | Report as abusive

they had a garage, but turned it into a texas den.

Posted by Timmah | Report as abusive

Idiots. The carport is on the other side of the White House. It’s called a portico. I’m not sure where they keep the lawnmower or the beer fridge. Dick Cheney would know, but he’s not there now. We could hold a car wash to raise money; but, it would have to be warmer. Looks like there’s plenty of room on the driveway.

Posted by jscarey | Report as abusive

The thing is, if Obama wants to save money by holding a garage sale, he has to have someplace to have it.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Its there so the president can get to his safe limo in the shortest amount of time in an attack. The White House is designed with war in mind.

Born in war, Gone in a flash

It’s like the Romans. A band of Greek countries got together because they wanted to defend against the Persians. Eventually they become a power hungry, raiding countries to fuel their otherwordly appetite for everything they don’t have. Excess leads only to disaster, and everyone suffers.

Most will die for the excesses of the less.

Posted by IHateStupids | Report as abusive

Why did he get a new Limo? What was wrong with the old one. Is a barely used limo not good enough for a President who says he wants to save us money? Hey, maybe we could sell the old limo to build the garage. If they put the car in the garage maybe we (taxpayers) would have to buy a new one every 4 years or so.

Posted by realthoughts | Report as abusive

What a superficial notion.

This is the reason that taking the bus or walking in America makes you look poor.

I’d rather donate towards people not caring WHERE you park your car.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

ROFLMAO at those who took this seriously.

Posted by Emjuan | Report as abusive

he wanted to park it in view of his office window so he could see the spinners on the wheels turn in the breeze

Posted by chewie | Report as abusive

I thought the whole reason that they blocked off Pennsylvania Ave. was to give the Prez more parking space! Or maybe it was to keep the big dump trucks that smelled like diesel and fertilizer away… I forget which.

Posted by AllThatJazz | Report as abusive

Not sure what I was going to orriginally post here. Concrats Obama :) Way to go fighting the man Yo! I would thoughoughly have that car checked for explosives or whatever I am pretty sure leaving you a bombed car would be well within the plans of Pres Bush’s people. Even the free ones (We had to give them jobs you know).


Posted by Cory Empens | Report as abusive

They better build a garage for it soon, or one day they’ll discover it up on blocks with the wheels, doors, and engine missing.

Posted by some guy named Tim | Report as abusive

I like ur car

Posted by a weirdo called belon butterbean | Report as abusive

I will donate the best Garage Storage system that will get everything off the floor and up out of the way so the new presidential puppy will have a safe place to play on rainy days. ageofeasttexas/

Posted by Steve Hansen | Report as abusive

I agree with the previous speaker. The Bush administration should give the job)

Posted by Rammstein | Report as abusive