From hightops to flipflops in seconds!

January 23, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re walking along in your high-top running shoes heading for the basketball court, when suddenly there’s a BEACH!

The tide is coming in. You’re going to have totally soaked footwear for the game, unless you’re wearing MODULAR SHOES!

That’s right, with these new space-age shoes, zip-zip and your high-tops become flip-flops!

With this stylish, versatile product, boat shoes turn to jungle boots instantly! Rubber sandals become stiletto pumps! Loafers turn to cowboy boots!

Thanks to 40 pounds of zippers embedded in the design, you now only need ONE pair of shoes, for life!

Call now, and get these attractive steak knives as a bonus…

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A modular shoe is displayed at the “Bread & Butter” fashion trade show in Barcelona January 22, 2009. REUTERS/Albert Gea

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From sports shoe to shower shoe in one zip? Seems somehow both logical and gross at the same time.

I want a pair!!!!

Posted by Penny | Report as abusive

Hmmm. What unfortunate appendage(s) would some men manage to get caught in a zipper (or two or three or…)? “Zippity do da, zippety OW!” And how would some guys (and women, too, I’ve noticed) who can’t even keep one fly zipped manage with these?

Posted by Dr. Doll | Report as abusive

One might anticipate Brad Pitt having his toes hanging out…

Posted by gwmc | Report as abusive

Wow great idea, however that one section should have read like this-

“Thanks to 40 pounds of zippers embedded in the design you will never be able to pick your feet up off the ground.”

Posted by stilledlife | Report as abusive

How many colors do they sell?
So i can switch each of them for multi-colors in one boot.

Kinda like the idea but seriously ??

Posted by Benzodiazepine | Report as abusive

i know these shoes. they are from a cool new label called “Nat-2″. they do all kinds of innovative designs.

i see the modular system just as an option, but mostly the shoe is probably worn closed so the zipper on the outside gives it a very high-end look. the designs of the shoes are really fast forward.

Posted by sneakaking | Report as abusive

i just wanna know…..
where can i get a pare at da store or da internet stores

Posted by Devon | Report as abusive

Those modular shoes are awesome!

From hightops to flipflops in seconds :))))

Thats very cool 2 shoes in one. Shoes on the fly thats what that is. Just zip on and off.

Omg! snickers transform into slippers! great fantasy =)

This is Awesome!

Posted by Prikoly | Report as abusive

i want a pair and i want them NOW

Posted by Kerri01 | Report as abusive

From hightops to flipflops in seconds! Cool :)

Posted by Prikoly | Report as abusive

From hightops to flipflops in seconds!

Posted by Prikoly | Report as abusive

Any one can say where i can buy a pair?

Posted by Rammstein | Report as abusive

SO AMAZING!! I WANT SOME! let me know where to get

Posted by djbrownbear | Report as abusive

I want one, how can i get it…..let me know where i can get one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Darina5 | Report as abusive

Nice shoes.

Posted by Prikoly | Report as abusive