Well, it keeps him off the street…

January 27, 2009

This is the exciting moment we’ve been waiting for. The envelope, please? And the 2009 Parents of the Year award goes to…

Here is a video report about an 11-year-old matador who killed SIX young bulls, despite opposition from child protection and anti-bullfighting groups.

The kid gets his name in Guinness, and the young bulls get zip.

But the coveted Parents of the Year award is actually shared this time, between the mini- matador’s folks, and the parents who reportedly took their children to witness this bloodfest.

“Hey, honey! It says here some kid is gonna torture six bulls to death with large fondue forks! Grab the little guys, it’s showtime!”

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It looks more like self defense to me. That bull is coming right at him…

Posted by MegaMatador | Report as abusive

shouldn’t this kid be playing Xbox/Playstation/Wii or go biking with friends??? 11 yrs/old and fighting bulls…. reminds me of Bill Engvall’s “here’s your sign” jokes – his parents need a few of them signs to put on the front lawn.

Posted by Jake | Report as abusive

Can you imagine what sort of kid he is at school? Sterilise the parents, take the kids.

Posted by EvilGod | Report as abusive

How wonderful of us to point our moral compass at others.
They might think it more sinful to let our obese children sit on thier fat (explitive deleted) playing video games. Or play outside in some of the more crime ridden areas of our cities.

Posted by xenophob | Report as abusive

Guys, cultural differences make it for strong difficulties in understanding age-old rituals and things that hold special meanings not necessarily understood by everyone. Traditional deformation of ears and other bodily parts, competing for who can last the longest riding a wild bull or wild horse, competing on who can be the quickest to lasso calves, etc. all fall into the same category as bull fighting. So, please, let’s lighten up a bit and show some moderation when giving strong opinions on things we don’t understand… remember, this is a HUMOUR blog!

Posted by M | Report as abusive

Amen, xenophob! At least he’s getting exercise!

Posted by Mary K | Report as abusive

I think is an old culture we must respect.

Posted by manuela | Report as abusive