Polly want a crapper?

January 28, 2009

Hey Blog Guy, I love your blog, but I’ve often wondered something.

Thanks. What do you wonder?

Why don’t you have more pictures of birds going to the bathroom?

Your question is interesting, and it illustrates why my home address doesn’t appear on my blog.

But just for you, here is a video clip of a parrot that uses a toilet instead of pooping on my car, like every other bird does.

Wow! That sounds truly amazing!

Nah, not really. He forgets to flush and he leaves the seat up…. I have a nephew who can do that!

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Ha! Nice job! Nice to see you’re hitting hard with your stories these days. You get so tired of all the ‘feel-good’ pollyana stuff around these parrots…

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Polly: “Scraw scraw SCRAW SCRAW scraw scraw foto omi scraw scraw crap” (Interpreted by doting owner as – “Do ya got ta take a picture of me on the crapper?”)

(“She can talk! Look, she can talk human-speak. Isn’t she a clever little darlooo—oooo–who’s a clever little darloooo?”)

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