I LOVE a man with a slick smile!

January 31, 2009

I just don’t know how the Oscars can turn a blind eye, year after year.

For my money, the best actress award should go to these chicks who manage to look like they really want to be hanging onto the greasy-mouthed guy who ate the most chicken wings in the Wing Bowl.

You can’t learn that kind of acting in drama school. Behind thin smiles, these women are praying for a way to flee when the winner’s 203 masticated wings reverse direction and head north.

You can already see chewed bits of poultry flesh, oozing past his lard-lubricated lips.

Can I borrow some dental floss, gals? Squeeze in close. Big hug! Hey, you hear a rumbling noise?

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Wing Bowl champion John “Super Squibb” Squibb celebrates after winning the 17th annual chicken wing eating contest in Philadelphia, January 30, 2009. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer

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I’m surprised the girls are not wearing Hazmat suits. Each of them should at least have been given dish gloves and a welding visor.

Really? I believe those ARE Hazmat suits.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

I find it both sad and disturbing that this sort of gluttonous debauchery would rate coverage by a world-class wire service like Reuters, when a Somalian or Zimbabwean family could probably live for a month on the food consumed during the average Super Bowl party.

Funny, isn’t it?

Posted by JellyWheat | Report as abusive

Reuters has pictures of dying Africans too. You’re in the oddly enough blog, which, although I do enjoy it, I’m not sure I would call a world-class service. Plus, do you really want to hear what an Oddly-Enough clog post would say about such things? I’m sure you’d find them more offensive than his coverage of eating contests….

Posted by Effigy | Report as abusive

What I find funny is what most girls will do to get on camera…

Posted by buffalobob | Report as abusive

I bet he really thinks those girls like him, too.

That bottom picture is nasty…is that chicken hanging out his mouth? Ugh.

There’s something you can show your grandkids, buddy!

Posted by GNelson | Report as abusive

Shortly after photo was taken, the girls wondered, “Where’s Susan?” then noticed that a piece of her bra was sticking out of his mouth.

Posted by some guy who shall remain nameless. | Report as abusive

[...] bin Laden look-alike who patrols a slum with a toy rifle? The Semen-collecting fake cow driver? The women in skimpy outfits who have to sit right in the barf-path of Wing Bowl competitors and stare longingly at their greasy [...]

[...] bin Laden look-alike who patrols a slum with a toy rifle? The Semen-collecting fake cow driver? The women in skimpy outfits who have to sit right in the barf-path of Wing Bowl competitors and stare longingly at their greasy [...]

The girls who are actually touching him really don’t look that thrilled. ^_^

I agree with Jellywheat about the gluttony part. (Not the coverage part though, this is “ODDLY ENOUGH” which means “news, but not the serious kind” [see top of page], and this is “BLOGS” which means the author writes whatever the heck he wants) But back to the gluttony, I don’t even understand how that is entertaining in any way to watch something so disgusting and wasteful at the same time. Same concept with food fights. Did it ever occur to these people that there are some people who would give up so much of what little they have just to eat a small portion of what these pigs wolf down just for fun? It’s really not funny.

p.s. to Buffalobob: not most girls. Seriously, we’re not all like that. In fact, most aren’t.
to GNelson: if he ever has grandkids, and if so if he even lives long enough to see them!

Posted by Selena | Report as abusive

You people are retarded. Wingbowl is a contest , I know jon squibb personally , he walked away with a brand new mini cooper that runs for about 30,000 dollars , if you are capable of eating wings like that and pass up the chance for a free car you are an idiot. and anyone who thinks jon squibb is a fat slob , he is the opposite , he was an athlete in highschool and college and is still very much in shape , and if your worried about starving people in the world feel free to donate them your food and money , im sure they would be really appreciative.

Posted by destructodom | Report as abusive

[...] Guy, I follow the exciting world of competitive eating – you know, like that Wing Bowl and stuff like that.┬áBut I was baffled to see a reference to the “World Poutine Eating [...]