The new guys are in on it?

February 2, 2009

I’m back, Blog Guy! A few months ago I wrote to you about a super-secret society of prominent celebrities who communicate with each other using the media, through their own private hand gesture language.

You said I was a “conspiracy nut.” Then, when others sent you evidence that the plot reached all the way to the top – yes, George Clooney – you laughed at us again!

Well there is a new president and a new vice-president, and there are rumors that they’ve already been recruited!

Look, I’ve told you, what you’re suggesting would have to involve someone with a global audience, who is so easily duped that he wouldn’t notice this “language” in photos.

I can assure you, nobody in this business is that stupid. I personally monitor every photo of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and there is no evidence of this.

Trust me, I’m a professional blogger.

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Above: Combo shot of famous people, REUTERS photos

Below: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House, January 30, 2009. REUTERS/ Jason Reed

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It’s called “face palm” or facepalm” and it’s all the rage!

The only secret symbol it sends it that things are stupid or sucking all over! e.g.  /viewtopic.php?f=1&p=760712

Posted by Susie | Report as abusive

President O is saying to the veep, sotto voce, “I cannot believe you wore that tie! It SO clashes with my tie! Didn’t you get the email that today is BLUE tie day?! Yikes, man. I got enough to deal with! I don’t need to be worrying about you showing up looking like you’re trying to copy me! Get a clue!”

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

Breaking wind at the same time, they didn’t realize that the microphones were on…

Posted by buffalobob | Report as abusive

As part of their goal to show a unified front, the President and the Vice-President now synchronize their sinus infections.

Posted by Cris Cohen | Report as abusive

Do you think its a conspiracy? Could it be levied against me or would that be tooooooo paronoid? Is it a conspiracy against you? Whats going on? I am so confused. Should you or are you confused? At least their fingers aren’t up their noses……See every cloud has a silver lining……….I personally think George has the best of all the hands and fingers to cover his face with, don’t you blog guy? Do you think his hands are warm, or perhaps he’s warming them with his breath? Who know’s, anyway’s do you have anymore cute pictures of George? :)

Posted by sharon hollar | Report as abusive

Yeah, getting pics of people with their hands in front of their face. Amazing. Normally I think you’re pretty entertaining but this is a stretch

Posted by edokthong | Report as abusive