So she’s in a stable relationship?

February 4, 2009

“Melanie, would you just look at that! Can you BELIEVE the trash they’ve invited to this party? Makes me so damn mad!

“There’s Grace Johnson! She’s messing around with her gardener! My God, she still has the brambles in her hair! The NERVE!

“And here comes Trish Ferguson! Everybody knows she’s having a flaming affair with her stable boy!

“Look! She even brought him HERE! There she is, big as you please, out in public with him in his little lawn jockey outfit!

“What’s this world coming to, Melanie? Shameless hussies, floozies, gardeners, stable boys! It’s like we live in a damned Harlequin Romance novel!”

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Models present creations by Scherer Gonzalez at the Berlin Fashion Week 2009, January 31, 2009. REUTERS photos by Tobias Schwarz

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Hahahahahaha! Wow! Awesome! Bravo!

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“Treebeard” from Lord of the Rings has hot looking daughters!

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Both of his feet are off the ground. Was he skipping?

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I understand if you get a bug up your butt it means you’re a little peeved. If you can get a bus up there you must be really, really mad.

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So she’s in a stable relationship? Post a comment. Posted by: Robert Basler. Tags: Oddly Enough, Fashion, humor, models, romance, stupid. “Melanie, would you just look at that! Can you BELIEVE the trash they’ve invited to this party? ……

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The dude is dressed like my grandfather, in a photo taken in 1911 when he was 6 yrs. old.

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