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February 5, 2009

Keep it coming, Blog Guy – the more photojournalism advice I can get, the sooner I’ll get my dream job.

What do you want to know today, Grasshopper?

I’m wondering about ethics and privacy. Are photojournalists expected to violate basic standards of dignity and decency? How far should we go to get THE news shot?

That’s a decision every shooter has to make on his own. You take this week, when rumors spread that Paris Hilton was in a Port-a-john. For once, paparazzi showed some class.

They did? How?

Instead of pushing the thing over, or setting it on fire, or kicking in the door, they discreetly just shot in through the open roof.

I’m guessing that didn’t really happen.

Nah, but it’s more fun than the real photo caption.

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Above: Paris Hilton in Park City, Utah, January 17, 2009. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Below: Photographers take pictures of a mirror room created by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci during the opening ceremony of an exhibition titled “Da Vinci – The Genius” in Budapest February 5, 2009 . REUTERS/Karoly Arvai

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