Accepting Brad Pitt’s award is Zippy!

February 8, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m really pumped for the Oscars – I love all the glamour and razzle-dazzle. Don’t the Brits have something like that, too? I’d love to see it.

They have BAFTA. You’d hate it. It’s not nearly as glitzy.

Really? How is it different?

The actors and actresses don’t really show up. They just send pictures, which are placed around the Royal Opera House to look like an audience.

I don’t believe that!

See for yourself. Here are Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet enjoying themselves at the event.

That’s just lame. What happens if Brad Pitt wins an award?

A trained chimp takes his poster up to the podium and waves it around.

But don’t they at least have presenters?

Sure, if you count sock puppets.

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Place markers are arranged during preparations for the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards ceremony at the Royal Opera House in London February 7, 2009.
REUTERS/ Luke MacGregor

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And as we know from an earlier blog the pictures of stars are protected by police carrying pictures of guns.
Paparazzi beware!

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Your commentary is stupid and unnecessary.

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@ guest

OK, and your comment is…?

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@ guest

you’re stupid and unnecessary, here Ill post the blog title twice so you can make sure you don’t come to it for the wrong reasons.

Oddly Enough
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Oddly Enough
News, but not the serious kind

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guest = owned. keep up the fantastic and accurate reporting blog guy!

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No, really. This guy never says anything truly funny, just stupid visual puns with a weird, vague title to make you click it. None of it is even odd, he just puts random, strange misconceptions on regular photos. It’s repetitive and juvenile. I miss the old, high brow humor of the last Oddly Enough, you can tell the difference in clientele by reading the comments.

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Clientele? We are Readers. Not Clientele.

If you want the “high brow” humor you miss, go visit at this link:

And quit coming here!

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[…] I agree. Maybe readers should just go back to that one. […]

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[…] I agree. Maybe readers should just go back to that one. […]

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