Does ma know you’re doin’ this?

February 10, 2009

A reader in Brooklyn writes, “I’m looking for a change of career, Bob. How can I enter the exciting world of having firecrackers thrown at my bare skin?”

I get that question a lot these days, thanks to late-night cable ads. Sorry, but I’m going to advise against this career.

Sure, the guy in these pictures SEEMS to be having a great time as real fireworks explode on his body, but after a few minutes the novelty wears off and the flames may actually become irritating.

One of the guys quoted in our story on this was in his 25th year of being burned in this annual ritual. He says he doesn’t go to the hospital – he just gets his wounds treated at friends’ homes.

“Hey Ralphie, stop knockin’ so loud! Do you know what time it is? Oh cripes, is it already Fireworks Night again? Lola, it’s just Ralphie. Bring the ointment and the fire extinguisher!

“Geez, Ralphie, don’t you have ANY other friends? Hey, watch the new sofa!”

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People throw firecrackers at a shirtless man acting as Master Handan during the Handan ritual on Yuan-Hsiao, the 15th day after the Chinese Lunar New Year, in Taidung, Taiwan, February 9, 2009. REUTERS/Nicky Loh

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Looks to me like this dude is in the middle of a hurricane and on the way to pick up his girlfriend. He’s got the bouquet ready.

My second thought on this is that the folks in China party big time – it’s a 15 day party! After a while, why NOT get people to throw firecrackers at you?!

What I want to know is why is this guy acting as Master Handan. Where is Master Handan? Don’t tell me, budget cuts again?

Wow, that is just Insane

Isn’t this the guy that got all fired up about the celebrations? Or is it just he was fired from his job and is showing off his abilities?

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“He just could not catch on to the fact that his Girlfriend’s Father did not like him…”

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