Is this the ROTARY club?

February 11, 2009

Quick quiz: If you have to parachute, the best thing to avoid having below you would be…

a) a giant vat of fresh horse manure

b) two million rotten eggs

c) the word’s biggest trampoline

d) a bunch of choppers sharing your airspace

Yeah, I agree, my answer would have to be the helicopter one.

The actual photo caption here says these guys are jumping FROM choppers, but it sure looks to me like a high-stakes game of chicken that could go south pretty fast.

“Oh, go a head and jump, you big babies! Those choppers will be out of the way by the time you get down there, I’m pretty sure…”

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Sri Lankan paratroopers jump from military helicopters after basic parachute training at an air base in Katunayake, February 10, 2009. REUTERS/ Stringer

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Since his parachute obscures the tail rotor and part of the main rotor blade, it looks to me like he was jumping out of the helicopter.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Matt Said:

“Since his parachute obscures the tail rotor and part of the main rotor blade, it looks to me like he was jumping out of the helicopter.”


Posted by john cooper | Report as abusive

Matt, the thing is in Sri Lanka these guys parachute upwards, not downwards, so that’s why Robert is concerned!

Posted by M | Report as abusive

or… maybe Robert just couldn’t find anything actually funny? Yeah, I’m going with that one… Usually I’m a fan, but all the increased concentration of ‘Hey, this photo kinda almost looks like something it isn’t” posts is wearing thin.

Posted by Effigy of Entropy | Report as abusive

Oh, then don’t bother reading today’s Stifle Yourself! post.

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

DUH! Anyone can see there is a chopper being rescued here. Paratroopers are dropped from hot air baloons where the hook their toes into the stopped rotor blades and lower the craft gently to the ground. On descent the chopper blade snags the lower troopers shute and all touch down gently at just less than terminal velocity!
it’s Canadian physics for heavens sake!

Posted by rohtor spelashe | Report as abusive