What’s that on your forehead, Lonnie?

February 11, 2009

Blog Guy, I’m a U.S. businessman who wants to outsource jobs to China. First, I need to build a big factory and office over there. Do you know a good building firm?

Wait just a minute. You’ll pay through the nose for a “good” building firm. I strongly recommend you put together a team of recent carpentry grads from someplace like Shanghai Tool School.

Is that a good school?

There you go again, with that word “good.” All of their grads take an intensive two-week carpentry program.

Two weeks? For professional carpenters? I don’t know.

Look, these guys are eager to learn on the job. You should go for the ones with severe head wounds. Salary-wise, they’re not in a great negotiating position.

Thanks! Anybody I should avoid hiring?

Yeah, the students who majored in power drills. You’ll spot them easily.

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Local performers dressed as villains injured by tools during a traditional “Kuaihuo” parade at Chisha, Shaanxi province, China, February 8, 2009. “Kuaihuo” is a local traditional performance which originated from an ancient story. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause

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Aren’t these guys some more of the zombies that voted for McPalin? Oh, wait!! They can’t be, they’re chinese! That is, outsourcing hasn’t gone that far, has it? Scary!!!

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If I remember correctly, M, it was the democrats who had zombies voting for them on mantra of hope and change…It seems to me that the only thing that has changed in the US is we are now a socialist state like all of the rest of Europe. Don’t call us the next time Hitler or Mussolini start marching on France!

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workers kill villains with shears, i love it!

one of the above posters is old.

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