Do you validate, Mr. le Bon?

February 13, 2009

Blog Guy, I’ve had it with the U.S. economy. Do you know some other currency I could convert my savings to?

Have you thought about the Democratic Republic of Congo’s currency?

Frankly, no I haven’t.

Go to Goma and look up my friend, le Bon.

How will I know him?

He’s a Sappeur – the local name for a dandy dresser. You want a dapper banker, don’t you?

I guess. Is he legitimate?

Of course! Look at this stack of bills! Rubber bands and everything! Do you think just anybody can get rubber bands in Goma?

Sorry, but this is new to me. Where’s le Bon’s office?

He doesn’t have one. No overhead, that’s better for you. Plus, you get to do it outdoors, so lots of folks can see what you’re doing. What could be safer than that?

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Money changer Kwami Longange poses for a portrait on a street corner in Goma in eastern Congo, February 9, 2009. Longange, nicknamed “le Bon” – the Good – is a Sappeur, the local name for a dandy dresser. REUTERS/ Finbarr O’Reilly

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leBon might be lePimp. By the way, if I did my conversion right, it looks like he’s got about $50 there.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

The last time I saw a pattern like the ones on that Gomer’s outfit it was on the fenders of a ’57 Chevy.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

But you have to admit, Patrick, there’s no mistaking that it is quite a dandy outfit!

Posted by Mary K | Report as abusive

As long as you’re trying to attract leopards! That outfit is definitely DANDY.

Posted by Yuki | Report as abusive

The only thing missing is a pink feather boa, a WalMart clearance item AA battery powered kitchen wall clock necklace, rhindstone incrusted start rimmed sunglasses, and oversized faux emerald rings on his fingers….oh yeah and a 7-11 Big Gulp slurpy….you know the one with the little polar bear wearing the blue sweater? Word!!

Posted by buffalobob | Report as abusive

He needs to Accessorise.

Posted by naz | Report as abusive