Welcome! Did you come to prey?

February 18, 2009

Blog Guy, I really need social advice. I’ve been invited to what looks like a glitzy party, but the invite says BYOF. Is that like RSVP?

Cripes, you really DO need help! BYOF stands for Bring Your Own Falcon.

Falcon? You mean like the Ford car? I haven’t seen one of those for 30 years!

Calm down. No, I mean like the bird. Sits on your arm with a creepy little hood on.

What’s the point of bringing one of those to a party?

There will be professional buyers there, looking for the best-looking falcons.

Really? What are those buyers called?

Talon Scouts.

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Above: Zheng Jie of China attends a party during the WTA Dubai Tennis Championships on February 17, 2009.

Below left: Ana Ivanovic of Serbia.

Below right: Venus Williams of the U.S.

Photos REUTERS/ Handout/ Barclays Dubai

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Wow, you really are just winging it, aren’t you? Way to feather your nest!

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Finally a look a tennis players not making stupid faces. They must be out of their falcon minds to play with those birds though.

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Looks like a hit with the birds!

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[…] Welcome! Did you come to prey? (Reuters) […]

Posted by Weird News – February 19, 2009 | Sugar Land Newspaper | Report as abusive

This a version of the old party favourite “Pin the tail on the donkey”. Everyone brings a blindfolded falcon, which are spun round thrice and then let loose to peck out their owner’s right eye (left eye in the UK and Commonwealth).

Much fun and hilarity ensues.

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Well, this post is for the birds.

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